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Man Lies About His Wife Being Infertile, Asks Internet for Judgement

Usually, when people anonymously tell stories of their lives on the Internet they tend to smudge the details to paint themselves in a better light. But not this man. When he told the internet he had been spreading rumors that his wife was unable to have children , he told the truth and nothing but the truth. it takes courage to portray yourself as such a sincerely bad person. The story goes, this man and his wife had been trying for kids for a few years. Unfortunately, they weren't having luck.…
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A Regrettable Section of Facepalm Moments

The facepalm. A classic motion that immediately conveys the inner feeling of the palmer. Almost always, those are shame and exasperation. Usually, it’s impulsive. One of those go-to motions when you hear about the egregiously stupid act someone has committed or a particularly shameful news story. It’s a classic; deified by one of the internet’s oldest and most popular Advice Animal memes: Jean-Luc Picard’s famous facepalm. It’s one of those images that strikes an immediate, visceral reaction fr…
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Depressing memes and tweets, tweets about depression,.

20+ Self-Loathing Memes to Take Down the Shame Spiral

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I got in trouble for this.

class bad poker face shame falling asleep - 8547537152
Created by Unknown


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Created by fastfood

Did You Finish The Salad?

gifs shame Cats salad - 8518970112
Created by Unknown

Dog is Guilty of Something

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Created by Unknown

How to Get a Head in the Tech Based Economy

Via Irwin Cardozo Comics

Guess I'll Go Back Outside

doors dogs gifs shame - 8500764416
Created by Unknown

So That's Where Shame Cookies Come From

Via McSweeneys

Sorry, Mr. Pug

dogs gifs pugs shame - 8465000960
Created by Unknown

So That's Why Bikes Are The Most Sustainable Form of Transportation

bicycles shame bikes web comics - 8432848896
Via Super Punch

Poor, Poor Walrus

shame fish walrus funny - 8431986176
Created by Unknown

That Expression Is Spot On

cookies sexy times funny shame - 8392032768
Created by Unknown

Worst Mistake Ever

brownies shame old people funny - 8292856064
Created by Unknown

It Would Take Some Sort of Master Detective

dogs funny shame - 8264022272
Created by Unknown
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