Bow Down to Me!

critters cute dogs gifs seriously sniffing Sundog - 6184755712
By RickAstely

Disapproval of Dancing

dancing disapproval gifs party hard seriously soccer sports - 6185106944
By Unknown

I Choose Dude C

dude phones ponies rage Rage Comics seriously the worst - 6166033152
By kkehoe5

Sort of 99 Cent Store

cheap prices Rage Comics seriously WoW - 6148387840
By skeletor666

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

best of week i dont want to live on this planet anymore nope Rick Santorum seriously - 6041186048
By whitbutter

You Sure They're Not a Blonde?

hair nothing to do here racism Rage Comics seriously wtf - 6040525568
By Unknown

Seriously, WTF

beard celeb gifs seriously shredding wtf - 5474172160
By AppetiteForChildren (Via


FAIL gifs seriously soccer sports trip - 5190348032

Need a New Look of Disapproval?

disapproval look seriously what Zoidberg - 5500609280
By Unknown

Kids Today Have No Idea What This Is... Seriously

disk kids Rage Comics save seriously what - 5452478720
By diodetersivo92


hilarious mythbusters seriously - 5421529856
By Unknown

He's Got Moves Like Jagger

boyfriend Rage Comics seriously - 5419691520
By Unknown

See Also: The Infrequency Of Your Clicks to Make It Go Away!

bomb clicks jimmy mcmillan lol prizes seriously toyota yaris - 5335988992
By DarthCedr37

Nice Pumpkin, Sistah

bro carving IRL Memes pumpkins seriously - 5299659776
By Unknown

Written in the Stars/Bible

bible Chemistry Darwin Rage Comics seriously stars - 5282306816
By Mananana

Muggles Have the Best Jobs

best of week Harry Potter hermione ron seriously - 5211107584
By emperor42