The Question Of The Century

Tweet that reads, "How the f*ck do a ID expire - I'm still the same n*gga!!"
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Forward Me This Info Please

boss crabs IRL seriously the worst true - 4717770752
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Well, I'm Not Using THAT Account...

username seriously - 8050631680
By Unknown

Ghost Hunters International

seriously - 7894844928
By UndeadSeadragon55

Back in My Day

snow seriously grandparents - 7891978240
By death_by_rage

This is Not as Much Fun as Others Would Have You Believe

seriously playgrounds - 7870798080
By Unknown


Cookie Monster seriously fruit - 3527100672
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butt eww seriously hand - 3711723520
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That Problem Has Been Squared Away

metal seriously truancy story - 6667089664
By snapshot5

Snow Days...

school seriously sleep mom snow days parents - 6865117696
By Unknown

Are You Telling Me This Isn't a Comedy?

Sad seriously oh god why - 6688479488
By Unknown

There Are No Dumb Questions Just Inquisitive Idiots

herp derp work legos seriously stupid people dumb questions - 6829218560
By Drakmanka

Parents Shouldn't Text

wtf seriously really texting mom parents - 6848046592
By MissBec619


wtf seriously genius - 6799070720
By Unknown


seriously Sesame Street - 4404661248
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I Shouldn't Laugh, I've Done This Too

poker face girlfriends seriously lol why - 6789234176
By Namazu13
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