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30 'Evangelion' Memes Because The Nine Year Wait is Finally Over

After nine years of leaving anime nerds hanging, director Hideaki Anno is finally bringing Evangelion:3.0+1.01 Thrice Upon A Time to international audiences . Amazon Prime will release the final installment of the legendary Neon Genesis Evangelion series today and fans are absolutely losing it. 24 HOURS UNTIL EVERYTHING ENDS WE'VE WAITED 9 YEARS FOR THIS #Evangelion #shineva — phuc (@reisbandnudeln) August 12, 2021 On their website, Amazon's description for Thrice Upo…
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Homeowner Gives Everyone Anxiety After Showing Off Futuristic Smart Home

A sci-fi horror waiting to happen.
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askreddit, wholesome, 2020, coronavirus, scifi, aliens, future, climate change, comments, reddit | r/AskReddit u/ilikepintobeans If 2021 is as good as 2020 bad will see happen 2021?

People Fantasize About What Their Ideal 2021 Would Look Like

Indirect laments about the failures of 2020
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My Eyes Are Up Here

Funny Memes, Dank Memes, Scifi Memes | Don't stare...don't stare, don't look down! woman with three breasts boobs
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Funny memes about Star Wars | The Mandalorian can't wait hear Baby Yoda's second word, and then his first word. | So wrong with my car? Dad radiator's leaking pretending know he's talking about: Ah yes radiator. General Grievous

Seventeen Star Wars Memes For Prequel And Sequel Fans Alike

We'll never get tired of Star Wars memes.
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Funny memes about the astrology signs using Stark Trek characters | ARIES TASHA YAR Can and will fight Edgy haircuts First charge into danger Totally unforgettable | CAPRICORN JEAN-LUC PICARD most ethicalest Refined tastes Is respected by friends and enemies alike Studies fun

Astrology Signs Represented By Star Trek Characters In These Clever Memes

Live long and prosper
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I'm No Hero

Funny meme that reads, "Me when I fix the family Wifi by turning it on and off" above a still of C3PO in Star Wars surrounded by Ewoks saying, "I do believe they think I am some kind of god"
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Amazing fan-made video of "Star Wars: The Last Stand"

Fan-Made Star Wars Clip Is Pretty Incredible

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Funny memes and moments from 'Doctor Who' | Donna is Italian word lady, Temple derives Latin word tempus meaning time, and Noble is another word lord. String them together and get Lady Time Lord

Sixteen Of Our Favorite 'Doctor Who' Moments

Some memes and moments for the Whovians!
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Funny memes and moments from the TV show 'Doctor Who'

Fifteen 'Doctor Who' Memes And Moments For The Hardcore Whovians

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Funny Star Trek memes and posts

34 Star Trek Sh*tposts For Those With A One-Trek Mind

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What Are You Looking At, Butthead?

Tweet that reads, "Politics aside, this is just a brilliant catch" above a pic of Donald Trump and three other people looking like a scene from Back to the Future of Biff Tannen and three of his friends
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We Can Dream

meme of Darth Vader with the caption, "My favorite part of Star Wars was when Darth Vader lost his cool during a staff meeting and started choking a coworker"
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Video JJ Abrams scifi - 78347009

JJ Abrams, Fixer of Your Favorite Franchises

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A Star Wars Guide to Politics, No Matter Your Party Affiliation

star wars politics guide
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The Most Promising Gal in the Galaxy

everybody loves rey star wars vii
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