Funny memes and moments from 'Doctor Who' | Donna is Italian word lady, Temple derives Latin word tempus meaning time, and Noble is another word lord. String them together and get Lady Time Lord

Sixteen Of Our Favorite 'Doctor Who' Moments

Some memes and moments for the Whovians!
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Funny memes and moments from the TV show 'Doctor Who'

Fifteen 'Doctor Who' Memes And Moments For The Hardcore Whovians

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Funny Star Trek memes and posts

34 Star Trek Sh*tposts For Those With A One-Trek Mind

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What Are You Looking At, Butthead?

Tweet that reads, "Politics aside, this is just a brilliant catch" above a pic of Donald Trump and three other people looking like a scene from Back to the Future of Biff Tannen and three of his friends
Via FishMarshall

We Can Dream

meme of Darth Vader with the caption, "My favorite part of Star Wars was when Darth Vader lost his cool during a staff meeting and started choking a coworker"
Via longpants221
Video JJ Abrams scifi - 78347009

JJ Abrams, Fixer of Your Favorite Franchises

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A Star Wars Guide to Politics, No Matter Your Party Affiliation

star wars politics guide
Via Keane Li

The Most Promising Gal in the Galaxy

everybody loves rey star wars vii
Via BadFatherHan

Don't Fall for That Trap!

funny memes no warring stars in star wars
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tweets from someone watching star wars for the first time

This Gal Live Tweeted Her First Time Watching Star Wars and Got a Lot of Things Wrong

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Spock, Do You Even Internet

scifi Spock kitten Star Trek - 8590925568
Created by tamaleknight ( Via scottscartoons )

Welcome Back, Star Wars

scifi feels star wars web comics - 8597522688
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Music scifi star wars - 77012225

Heavy Metal Star Wars is Hardcore

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No Son of Mine Likes Star Wars

scifi star wars Star Trek - 8597804288
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Meanwhile in Vermont

scifi star wars drunk driving - 8596579840
Created by PerfectH

We Know Something You Don't Know

scifi star wars Han Solo - 8596559360