Bleak and depressing memes regarding climate change, sadness, global warming, science, the environment

Bleak Climate Change Memes to Enjoy While the Planet is Preheating

This is fine.
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memes, funny memes, textbooks, illustration, accidental memes, science diagrams, weird pics, science, funny images | Fear Fear/Mild Threat Threat Eye Rolling Horse emotions | Air is forced into nasopharynx by occluding one nostril and squeezing Politzer bag. Meanwhile patient is told say "cuckoo" or "Coca Cola close soft palate positive pressure nasopharynx travels through eustachian tube into middle ear, and patient hears snapping sound.

Out Of Context Diagrams That Became Accidental Memes

That old Science 101 textbook of yours is a meme goldmine
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egg, sperm, conception, sex, science, twitter, biology, wow, research

New Research About Conception Has Everyone Relearning Middle School Biology

It turns out it’s all about pick and choose.
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scientific diagrams that look like shitposts, memes, funny, science diagrams, scientific illustration, weird pics, funny pics, educational, textbooks

40+ Scientific Diagrams & Odd Textbook Images That Look Like Memes

These pics are begging to be meme'd
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Funny Star wars memes, dank star wars memes, fresh star wars memes

Stupid & Silly Star Wars Memes For The True Heads

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise?
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ask reddit, interesting, knowledge, reddit thread, informative, reddit, interesting facts, physics, science, stock market, crypto, psychology, nsfw

Redditors Discuss The Things They Truly Don't Understand

With a few surprisingly helpful explanations
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Funny tweets from Steak-Umm arguing with Neil Degrasse Tyson about science, puns, punny jokes, meat puns, beef puns

Steak-Umm Reignites Beef With Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Puns Ensue

Gotta hand it to 'em.
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cool savage builds adam savage iron man mythbusters science funny Video - 106585857

MythBusters' Adam Savage Puts Iron Man's Bulletproof Vest To The Test

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Funny memes about science, chemistry, lol

36 Science Memes For People Who Are Smarter Than We Are

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Eye-opening twitter thread about professor doing a class on fish fraud | Dr.Jen M @AwesomeBioTA Josue sequenced some red snapper put money on being tilapia and right. Someone owes 5. His lab partner, Juanni, sequenced Atlantic Salmon. Comes back as Rainbow trout. Unsurprising. Not same species AT ALL, but unsurprising.

Twitter Thread Exposing Fish Fraud Is Both Eye-Opening & Revolting

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Funny Memes, Weird Pictures, Novelty, Illustration, Science, Funny Tweets | As dog learns behavior is being reinforced eventually learns produce desired behavior: surfing! | LATER HOMO H. sapiens (mødern huma H. antecessor ctus kloresiensis

43 Accidental Memes Discovered In Textbooks

Memes can be found in the strangest places.
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Funny memes, dank memes, nerdy memes lol, history memes, star wars, mandalorian | her DMs AM her DM. DUNGEONS N DRAGONS PLAYIN meet on Fridays at 8 PM can join us if like. Please bring some snacks and mixer. | Wi-fi is suddenly turned off and hear Mom's footsteps approaching room communications disruption could mean only one thing. Invasion.

46 Random Memes With An Extra Sprinkle Of Nerdy Humor

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Conspiracy theorists tweet in response to Sir Ian McKellen's recommendation of the covid-19 vaccine | Ian McKellen @IanMcKellen I feel very lucky to have had the vaccine. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone. Sir Ian McKellen praises NHS after first dose of Pfizer vaccine mirjam kotter @m_kotter Replying to  @IanMcKellen where is the live video with a closeup of the actual vaccination? And what is in the syringe?? Could be just a vitamine shot | Alison Onedaland @AOnedaland

Twitter Conspiracy Theorists Attack Ian McKellen's Vaccine Endorsement

Oh no they didn't
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ecology memes, ecology, nature memes, animal memes, dank memes, funny memes, zoology, biology, animals, nature, plants, plant memes, environmentalism, science, trash animals, memes | energy complex respiratory path scores individual chemical way reactions is nearly identical all life forms: bacteria, mushrooms, saguaros, coyotes, and even highest life forms such as toads see no God up here other than me | Big old snail dies Hermit Crab Free Real Estate

38 Dank Ecological Memes Because Nature Is Rad

Plants & animals are freaking siiick
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15 Cringey Flat-Earth Memes That Are Devoid Of Logic | 4mph 60mph 1,040mph centrifugal force | SEA LEVEL NOT SEA CURVE

15 Cringey Flat Earth Memes That Are Devoid Of Logic

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funny memes about coronavirus pandemic, covid-19 memes, dank memes | Latte Lover @CynicalLatteMom no longer using stoplights s governments way trying tell do with my own car and not going be controlled are sheep if use stoplights. Other people aren't my responsibility, they should look out and make sure l'm not coming! | aborteddreams Some people think should wear masks Some people think shouldn't wear masks But deep down all know aborteddreams human consciousness mistake

30 Coronavirus Memes Because We're Still In The Struggle

Help. Us.
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