Funny reaction memes and tweets to scientists discovering a potential parallel universe | Kronk Emperor's New Groove NASA news: High-energy particles Antarctica could prove parallel universes 's another one Apocalypse Bingo! | Captain America Astor George @grandpabbychuck choking my parallel universe doppelganger who has better life than so can take his place.

Scientists May Have Discovered A Parallel Universe, Internet Reacts

Here we go again.
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Funny meme that reads, "Plant cells: we are so tiny that humans will never be able to see us; humans: *invent microscope;* plant cells: ..." above an image of a plant cell appearing to make the 'surprised pikachu' face
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Funny dank memes about science | blinking white guy drew scanlon reaction Iron atoms: Iron atoms magnetic field: | LEFT EXIT 12 HIV research COVID-19 research EASLAR Virology labs

Dank Science Memes For Those Who Are Way Better At Math Than We Are

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Funny twitter thread about steak-umm twitter account promoting the dispelling of misinformation during the difficult time of coronavirus and covid-19 | Steak Steak-umm umm @steak_umm friendly reminder times uncertainty and misinformation: anecdotes are not data good) data is carefully measured and collected information based on range subject-dependent factors, including, but not limited controlled variables, meta-analysis, and randomization | outliers attempting counter global consensus around

Steak-Umm Serves Up A Surprisingly Insightful Twitter Thread About These Difficult Times

The hero we deserve?
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Funny Spongebob memes entitled, "Scientist Patrick" smart vs dumb | looking spelling errors my final research looking spelling errors meme l'm paper about post | calculating doing my math chance snow tomorrow and homework likely will be delay or cancel school

Thirteen 'Scientist Patrick' Memes For Amateur Sleuths

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Oh God Here We Go

Twitter headline that reads, "Scientists say they can recreate living dinosaurs within the next five years" above a still of Doctor Strange saying, "Let me guess, April?"
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Good Work, Bob

Funny meme featuring a stick figure named Bob who is taking the correct precautions against coronavirus | this is bob bob is not panicking bob listens to scientists instead of news media bob is not buying items in bulk bob washes his hands all year long because he's not gross and knows basic hygiene
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Informative Twitter thread about climate change | tweet by Lorrie Goldstein @sunlorrie Next time Social Justice Warrior tells science is settled" on global warming, ask them explain science. Then watch fun

'SJW' Puts Climate-Change Denier In His Place

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Funny dank memes about science, physics, biology, chemistry | someone insults by saying have IQ room temperature *Laughs Kelvin* accidentally type AGAGAGA instead HAHAHAH backone Laughs Deoxyribonucleic Acid dna

Fifteen Dank Science Memes For Nerds Only

How do astronomers organize a party?
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Funny dank memes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail entitled, "Who Are You, Who Are So Wise In The Ways Of Science?" | My parents fix their WiFi by turning off and on new scientific study claims fertility is hereditary. If parents didn't have any children, chances are won't either.

Fourteen 'Monty Python' Memes All About Pseudo-Intellect

Memes for the smarty-pantses
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Funny dank memes about prehistory, dinosaurs, early humans | Kid 10,000 B.C.E starter pack Obsessed with Cavenite my dad has fire and he will kill always wearing smilodon fur does cavenite dances public either named Grug, Marduk, or Unga uses laughing crying hieroglyphic all time plays rorocks uses sumerian slurs on Xrocks Live mom devolved lol drum on haters XD illustration dinosaurs: born wrong generation

Fifteen Dank Prehistoric Memes For The Science Geeks

Ooga booga
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Funny Twitter memes and reactions to someone on Twitter asserting that babies can develop Alzheimer's Disease from vaccines | Against Too many cases perfectly healthy babies all sudden being diagnosed health department will assist u with getting an exemption form. Long as u breastfeed give child natural nutrients needs Immune system A1 face sitter DmoonDonna Diagnosed with sasha4short Down syndrome Alzheimer's, etc. lisa simpson Babies w Alzheimer's hell are they forgetting?

Twitter Is Having A Field Day Over 'Baby Alzheimer's' Parodies

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FUNNY MEMES, ENGINEERING MEMES, stupid memes, school memes, science memes, chemistry, biology, college, college memes | tweet by bejewelledbud Can guys please recommend books made cry? FreaseDaddy Organic Chemistry: Structure and Function by Vollhardt, K. Peter C. and Schore, Neil E 2014. Mechanical Engineer exists Literally any other engineer Just some common bitch.

Science & Engineering Memes For People Who Spent Too Much Time In School

We salute you.
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Funny video compilation of a 70-year-old Physics professor's stunts with all the science stuff you can imagine that he is able to do and teach the kids.

Compilation Of A 70-Year-Old Physics Professor's Crazy Stunts

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Funny science pick-up lines

Science Pick-up Lines Perfect For Some Geeky Flirting

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Weird and true facts

22 Facts That May Blow Your Mind

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