Creepy stories from psychologist on Reddit about how they knew their clients were psychopaths.

Psychologists Share The Chilling Moments They Realized Their Clients Were Psychopaths

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Funny memes entitled, "Bill Hader Running From Pennywise"

'Bill Hader Running From Pennywise' Is The 'It' Meme Right Now

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Oh Hell No

Funny meme about a spider disappearing as soon as you take your eyes off of it
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Funny Spongebob meme about video games in the United States causing mass shootings
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Oh Dear

Funny meme about a public bus
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'Sleep Paralysis Demon' Twitter meme

'Sleep Paralysis Demon' Is A Twitter Meme Made Up Of Literal Nightmares

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Newly released trailer for season 5 of Black Mirror, Miley Cyrus, Topher Grace.

Get Pumped: Netflix Just Released A Trailer For A New Season Of Black Mirror

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Reveal Thyself

Funny meme about bug in the shower that disappears, naked and afraid.
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Icelandic Glacier Collapse, Glacier collapse, cool video, tourists, scary, frightened.

Iceland Glacier Collapse Leaves Stunned Tourists Running For Safety

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Creepy Garfield art from before I am Sorry Jon

22 Twisted & Creepy Takes On Garfield The Cat

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The Moment The Drugs Kick In At The Club

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Don't Sneak Up On Me Like That, Christ

Caption that reads, "Jesus scares" above a pic of a church sign that appears to read the same, next to an illustration of Jesus sneaking up on Mary as if to scare her
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Very Scurry

Caption that reads, "Me in my room in the dark at 3am tryna figure out whether that's my jacket or a headless man standing VERY still" above a still of Spongebob lying in bed looking suspicious
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Oh God.

Panel pics of an Asian "anti-Bob Ross" saying existentially terrifying things while he paints
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Oh God!

Newspaper weather forecast that says tomorrow will be "dark" above a black box; Tumblr comment below reads, "Tomorrow we enter the void"
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Twitter thread about internet, facebook, information

Eye-Opening Twitter Thread Will Seriously Freak You Out About Internet Privacy

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