Hell Naw

Caption that reads, "Friend: Hey, you wanna go to a haunted house? Me: ..." above a pic of a guy saying, "Yeah it's gonna be a no from me dog"
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It's Comin Up!

Tweet that reads, "A haunted house but instead of scary monsters it's 15 people asking you what you are doing with your life and who you are marrying. Oh wait, that's Thanksgiving"
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Bamboozled U

Caption that reads, "When you sign on to Amazon and rate all the vacuums as one star" above a pic of a dog sitting at a computer wearing a hacker sweatshirt
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Times kids embarrassed their parents.

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Yeah So Where's My Dinner At

Caption that reads, "When you die but your cat still wanna meow at you at 2am for food even though it's already full" above a pic of a cat with a Ouija board
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I Scurred

Caption that reads, "When you look down every grocery store aisle twice and still don't see your mom" above a pic of someone hitting a button that says 'scared'
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Caption that reads, "When you try to kill a bug but then it starts flying" above a pic of a guy freaking out
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Oh God, Oh No

Caption that reads, "That horrifying moment when you're looking for an adult for help but then realize you're an adult" above a pic of Spongebob in the fetal position
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Coming To Terrorize Hawkins, Indiana

Caption reads, "Holy shit it's a democorgin" with a pic of a corgi wearing a demogorgon costume
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The Scariest Thing Of All

Regular Show meme where Rigby suggested that they do something really scary and Pop suggests that they go to bed early and be alone with their thoughts
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I Ain't Scurred

"When you take that walk of faith into your kitchen at 2am to get some water," caption says, "Hey there demons, it's me, ya boy"
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Cringey photos, emo kids, incels, neckbeards, cringe.

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Yeah, NOPE.

Photo of someone swimming with a shark in a swimming pool