It's Horrifying

Caption that reads, "Please check your children's candy very carefully this Halloween. I found an M4A3E8 Sherman tank in this box of Pocky" above a pic of a tank with a little empty box of Pocky stuck to it
Via BigDaddyLove

Keep Dem Bots Away

Pic of a wind chime hanging up with a sign that reads, "Fun fact! Wind chimes are made from the metallic bones of robots that tried to overthrow us. Hang them outside your house as a warning to others"
Via KrullTheWarrior

How Ya Like Me Now!!!

Pic of a guy with a smiley face taped on his head under the caption, "When your boss says that you need to wear a smile when you're at work"
Via Dwarn44

It's A Daily Struggle

"When your sarcasm is so on point that they think you're serious"
Via surprisedplatypus

What's the Problem, Bro?

bro sarcastic - 7924132352
By Unknown

Gotta Impress the Ladies

brilliant facebook fry gym pointless sarcastic - 6441383424
By PBandJellyfish
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