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No Exceptions

Tweet that reads, "STOP holding onto people just because you have a history together;" someone replies below, "But they're my kids"
Via ISquealAtAnimalsTooMuch

The Snark

Caption that reads, "And people wonder why our generation grew up sarcastic..." above a pic of Bert saying, "Ernie, how do I look?" Ernie replies, "With your eyes, Bert"
Via theloneaztek

So Inspirational

Caption that reads, "Some garbage is okay" above a still of a guy in a dinosaur suit with text that reads, "Some garbage is okay"
Via SaladBalladFun


Fake sign of free dog names, that lists different absurd dog names including "Sand" and "Dr. Mustache"
Via tacosharks

Fear My Intellect, Plebs

Tweet that reads, "Are you ever about to drop a sarcastic comment but then you decide against it because their small brain won't understand your elite humor"
Via parrotlover2001

Excellent Point!

Little reader board with text that reads, "Starting your day with an early morning run is a great way to make sure your day can't get any worse than it started"
Via claireymummabeary


Caption that reads, "I went to the grocery store and they now have a parking spot for fat guys that like to grill. That's so considerate" below a pic of a drawing on a parking spot supposedly of a pregnant woman and a stroller
Via Wichelmich
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Some Good Advice

Caption that reads, "Fill your arms with puppies so no one can ask you for help" above an illustration of a guy holding a bunch of puppies
Via InsaneInMembrane


Tweet that reads, "One time my phone went off during the ACT but the good news is I had set my ringtone as a recording of me sniffing and clearing my throat...nobody suspected a thing. This is proof that standardized tests don't measure intelligence because that was smart AF and I got a 12;" someone replies, "This was absolutely wild from start to finish"
Via Orikson

So Cool!

Caption that reads, "Crazy how nature does that" above an illustration of the solar system with a flat earth
Via TrueEasyBacon

Hilarious, Dad!!

Caption that reads, "When it's New Years Eve and someone says 'see you next year'" above a pic of a guy laughing sarcastically
Via doodlydoodledumdum
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Wow So Lucky

Instagram pic of Ryan Reynolds next to Paul McCartney with the caption, "Have you ever had a dream to meet someone so badly and somehow it comes true? You're welcome, Paul"
Via mrmemefirst