Funny memes featuring classical art | Where did all go so wrong? ugly modern building vs classical landscape greek architecture | drawing artwork painting of jesus walking on water and reaching for a drowning man's hand while a group of men sails in a boat nearby drowning! Hi Drowning Jesus

Twenty-Eight Classical Art Memes For The Uninspired Artist

These memes count as educational, right...?
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Funny dank memes entitled, "Fitness is My Passion" chubby child lounging outside a pool at a vacation resort and his smirking face superimposed into the same photo |  cut cake half, thus making half calories, so can eat twice as much. FITNESS IS MY PASSION Steps So far taking more steps than normally do. Average 8 steps Today 10 steps Fitness is my passion

Sixteen Sarcastic Memes For Those With A 'Passion' For Fitness

Memes for the sedentary.
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Twitter memes that address things people were scared of as kids | tweet by galaxybrainboi @koolaid_01 vs my childhood fear. Those faces are evil as fuck bro teletubbies tinky-winky dipsy laa laa po

People Face Their Childhood Fears With This Amusing Twitter Meme

The fears we had as kids were pretty nonsensical.
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Kids These Days Smh

Funny tweet that reads, "Girls these days at 2 vs. me when I was 2" above a photo of a woman dressed up holding a "2" balloon, next to a photo of a toddler
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Whatever Will We Do

Funny meme that reads, "Video games be like" above a photo of a cart in the way with text below that reads, "The path is blocked!"
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TOO Much

Funny meme that reads, "When u stick to ur diet for 5 whole hours but ur still fat" above a still of Willem Dafoe yelling, "Do you know how much I've sacrificed?!"
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Funny dank memes entitled "When Was Calcium Invented?"

Stupid Dank Memes About When Stuff Was Invented

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Funny pictures of women having a terrible time in art

Amusing Instances Of Women Having A Terrible Time In Art (14 Pics)

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No Thanks

Funny meme that reads, "When someone tells me I should go to a four-year university instead of community college" above photos of a woman crying while wiping her eyes with money
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Funny Twitter meme entitled, "RIP But I'm Different"

'RIP But I'm Different' Twitter Meme Is About False Confidence

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Let's Be Considerate Of Them

Funny meme about leaving the world a good place for Willie Nelson and Keith Richards
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Wow, What A Clever Kid

Funny meme about parents who make up things their children say just for likes on social media
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That's Your Job, Ya Dummy

Funny meme about a cop pulling someone over and asking if he knows why he was pulled over
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Sick Burn From Mr. Feeny!

Funny moment from Boy Meets World with Cory and Mr. Feeny
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The Horror

Funny meme about a child at gay pride wearing Crocs
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It's A Taco Holder

Caption that reads, "I've been putting my sunglasses in there like a dipshit" above a photo of a car's sunglasses holder with a taco in it
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