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Supposedly Hardcore Examples of People Who Are Total Tough Guys

Ooh, I'm scared
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Funny memes and tweets about parenting, relatable, kids

A Pandemonium of Painfully Relatable Parenting Memes

As a thirty-something with no kids but a wealth of cats, I might complain, but I have it pretty easy. Despite the incessant vet bills, taking care of a cat is a lot easier and somehow a lot cheaper than raising a human child. A friend of mine shared an alarming statistic with her Instagram friends recently - the lifetime cost of raising a child here in the United States, as of 2022, is estimated at a whopping $272,049. That's a staggering number, one that makes me feel like I'm definitely never…
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21 Funny Wikihow Memes That Are Definitely VERY Helpful to Know (Sarcastically)

This is the BEST (worst) advice you will ever get.
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20+ Clueless People Who Got Wooshed by Stupid Jokes

The punchlines flew right over their heads
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Sarcastic viral tiktok video has people thinking girls don't poop

Viral TikTok Reveals Shocking Truth That Girls Don't Poop and Commenters Tell You What Really Happens

They actually all get emptied at the “pooperization” factory.
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20+ Funny & Dubious Things People Learned When They Were 'Today Years Old'

I was today years old when I learned that broccoli is actually cauliflower that's been dyed green. Okay, not true. But broccoli is totally man made. Look it up. Have you ever seen broccoli growing in the wild? You haven't, because it was originally a natural cabbage plant that humans used to cultivate a more palatable version, which we call broccoli today. The internet is full of factoids like this—some weird, some fascinating, and some pretty hard to believe. We've collected a bunch of crazy th
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Literal-Brained People Who Were Wooshed by Stupid Memes

Right over their heads
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Funny Things That Feel Wrong But Are Technically True

These dubious points are actually kinda valid
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Absurd wikiHow Image Macros That Wouldn’t Look Out Of Place If They Were Real

As children of the internet , it is our shared and slightly shameful open secret that we have all tried to learn a trick or two from wikiHow at some point. Almost as famous as the advice it gives are the pictures that go along with it. The distinctive watercolor-style illustrations can be a strange experience even when they are viewed within the context of the advice that they accompany. This makes them the perfect base material for image macros of all sorts, as @wikihowimagemacros has discover…
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Unremarkable Image of Addison Rae Sparks Sarcastic Enthusiasm & Memes

Have you seen that TikTok of Addison Rae literally lying down on the floor? How could she do something so controversial yet so brave? I guess she's just not like other girls. She's quirky. This is literally so crazy — Natalie (@jbfan911) September 20, 2021 Yes, this image of Addison Rae doing a conspicuously basic human activity has gone viral on Twitter, but not because people are impressed. The singer is getting lightly roasted through memes and sarcastic enthusiasm…
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r/woosh, woosh, wooshed, jokes, fail, stupid people, dumb, memes, facebook fail, reddit, failbook, sarcasm, instagram, gullible, fail | InternetExplorer Yesterday at 10:49 pm s here 7946 SONY PLAY STAT IOn 3 AOXO 50 TRTIONn 3 80GB/80GO and 2.4K others 245 comments 792 shares Haha Comment Share Oldest 's ps3 | Cowboy Cow 0 475 41 Comments 173 Shares O Like Share Comment Thats fking horse

25 Times People Got Wooshed By Dumb Memes

These folks totally missed the joke
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life hacks, pro tips, bad advice, memes, funny memes, funny tweets, twitter, fake life hacks, shitty life hacks, satire, sarcasm | Here's tip Carry fork with If someone tries rob pull fork out pocket and say "thank Lord this meal about have" and charge at them with fork | No bike lock? No problem grenade

25 Bad Life Hacks From Unruly Jokesters

Advice no one should take
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Funny memes and tweets that are technically true | kwame @johlny_ Do men still open car doors? Boogie BoogieMan do think get inside | Khloe Kardashian Tested Positive Coronavirus S**t Is Real be fair, they did say covid could live on plastic surfaces quite while.

Funny Memes & Posts That Are Technically True

They're...not wrong.
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Dumb Logic & Bad Advice For Comedic Purposes Only

Warning: satire ahead
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Justgirlythings memes, just girly things, boys, girls, dating, relationships, kissing, love, flirty memes, saw, sarcastic memes | boys do stupid things with thingebaysdowelove 16 and Pregnant | he calls babe. pig movie

27 Relationship Memes That Are Overflowing With Sarcasm

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Funny tweets about things that people recently learned | Talaya @talayafromspace today years old found out nanny's name Parent Trap is not Jessie. Chessy Fictional character OVERVIEW PLAYED BY MOVIE VIDEOS PEOPI | today years old found out broccoli is made. cauliflower painted green

Amusing Facts People Learned When They Were 'Today Years Old'

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