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Tis The Season

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Santa Shopping

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It's Helpful in Handling The Elf Con Artists Out There

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Santa's XL X-Mas Diet

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Santa's New Strategy For Gift Giving

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Created by Unknown

Santa Dog is Coming to Town

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Created by Unknown
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Santa Claus Has Some Serious Game

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Sing to Me, My Pretties!

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Created by LoueyP

Christmas Just Got Real

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Created by revjake

Santa Doesn't Quite Understand Standing

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Created by Unknown

I Found Santa's Stash

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Created by death_by_rage

My Little Sister Is Smarter Than Me

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Created by hermione_everdeen

Disaster Girl Loves Getting Coal for Christmas

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Created by Unknown

THAT'S Why He's All the Way Up in the North Pole!

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Angsty Santa

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Created by omegachannel ( Via Jim Benton )

Thank Goodness This Car Was Here

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