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Jolly Santa Memes for a Dose of Festive Cheer

He's nearly here
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A Reddit thread debating the best Christmas movie of all time

Christmas Lovers Debate Which Christmas Movie is The GOAT

I wish I could tell you that your favorite Christmas movie says a lot about you, but unfortunately, it does not. Your favorite Christmas movie is probably just what was constantly playing on TV when you were a kid or which VHS tapes you had. If it weren't for television reruns, It's a Wonderful Life , and A Christmas Story would not have the iconic reputation they've developed. In fact, they'd probably be largely forgotten. Even though our favorite Christmas movies are more based on when we wer…
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funny Christmas design fails

30 Chuckleworthy Christmas Design Fails

During the Christmas season , many people want everything to be “just so.” Perfect lights. Perfect tree. Perfect family dinner. But if the past few years have taught us anything, it's that things don't always go as planned. Sometimes our good holiday intentions result in accidentally dirty spectacles and fails. And if we're being honest, sometimes being on the naughty list isn't all bad.
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funny facebook thread about veterinarians calming children who are worried about santa's reindeer | have question our wonderful VETS only please. This is not an emergency by any means, and is bit unusual: My children are very concerned about Santa's reindeer getting laminitis due overeating candy canes, cookies, and carrots. Are caribou prone founder like horses been unable find any information on subject elsewhere on internet. Please delete this without thought if this question is too out there

Facebookers Unite To Calm Kids' Wholesome Fear For Santa's Reindeer

This is the best possible use of Facebook.
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Funny and dumb things people used to believe, askreddit, funny memes | HappyGoLuckyBoy 23h 38 Awards dark meat and white meat come 2 different birds 12 they asked as they did each year at Thanksgiving, which kind meat wanted year said Dark meat, please but feel bad l'm only one who really eats and always have get an entire second Turkey just still teased about this day at 46 years old.

Very Dumb Things People Once Believed

Here's to the gullible people of the world.
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Christmas cards, vintage cards, creepy memes | illustration of a creepy looking santa with bulging eyes bending over a bag of toys THRU KEYHOLE DO PEEP WANT FIND TIGHT ASLEEP MERRY CHRISTMAS. smiling woman in vintage clothing holding krampus devil by it's nape

22 Creepy Vintage Christmas Cards That Would Make Krampus Giggle

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Funny meme about christmas and superman.
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Cute christmas comic from Kat Racoon, behind the gifs.

Santa's Dog Saves The Day In This Cute Christmas Comic

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Creepy photos of children with Santa celebrating christmas, scary santas, scary santa claus, creepy santa claus.

30+ Santas That Are Complete And Utter Nightmare Fuel

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Christmas Goes Black Mirror

Funny comic about santa and drones.
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Funny meme about child being afraid of santa claus.
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Tis The Season!

Funny meme telling child he doesn't visit his family because they are poor.
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Collection of random and funny web comics form cyanide and happiness, safely endangered, about animals, dating killing, the president, parents, santa claus, animals.

22 Web Comics That Will Brighten Your Day

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Is Nothing Sacred?

Funny top ten anime betrayals meme about santa joining terrorists.
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Tim Allen, Eat Your Heart Out

christmas santa claus web comics - 7971512320
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