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Kindergartener Trashes Mom for Sandwich Making Skills, Wins Hearts on the Internet

On his first day too
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A former Subway worker recalls the story behind the worst sandwich they ever made, comprised primarily of a pool of ranch.

Customer Orders Vile Sandwich With Unbelievable Ingredients

If you've worked in customer service, you know that most adults secretly have the taste buds of toddlers. That's not necessarily bad, but when the 20th grown adult orders their meal with “no veggies,” you start to question the general population's ability to consume a genuinely nutritious meal. At a restaurant I worked at, the chefs eventually just stopped putting vegetables on every dish because that was the request more often than not. If you work in a restaurant where people are able to cust…
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Subway Worker Splits Opinion After Falling Asleep In Sandwich

Service with a Zzzz
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Customer Starts Debate After Getting Grossed Out By Barefoot Subway Worker

Not really a vibe
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Twitter Gets Rattled Over The Best Way To Cut A Sandwich

A question for lunchtime
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Server Enacts Perfect Revenge On Pranking Customer

She won in the end
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Twitter reacts to video of woman organizing fridge into binderssand

Woman Organizes Fridge With Binders, Horrifies the Internet

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Meanwhile In The UK: Seagull Shoplifts, Nobody Knows What To Do About It

This is not a country that deals well with audacity.
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It Was Probably Cady Heron

Funny tweet that reads, "Was someone eating a sandwich in this stall???" above a photo of a packet of mayonnaise in a bathroom stall
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Saga Of An Office Sandwich Thief Is Passive Aggression At Its Finest

Saga Of An Office Sandwich Thief Is Passive Aggression At Its Finest

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Wow, Never Considered That!

Caption that reads, "Her: he's probably thinking about other girls;" Him: if two people on opposite sides of the world simultaneously drop a piece of bread, then the earth briefly becomes a sandwich" above the 'I bet he's thinking about other women' meme
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Few Have Considered This

Tweet that reads, "Someone in this world has consumed more mayonnaise than anyone else currently alive and they don't even know it"
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The Perfect Gift!

Fake advertisement for 'bread gloves' that can make anything into a sandwich
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Debate over whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich.

National Sandwich Day: Revisiting The Age-Old Hot Dog/Sandwich Debate

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Funny meme about sandwiches.
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Mommy Issues

Funny meme about mom cutting off the crusts from sandwiches - but crusts were the kids favorite part so it means his mom hated him.
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