It's Pretty Obvious

Bad Translator obesity same - 5267354624
By Bethbunnygirl

Like a Seagull

birds Like a Boss same seagull standing what - 5254730496
By cook_n_touch

Friend Zone Fiona: You Are Different

different Friend Zone Fiona guys like same what you - 5156957440
See all captions By .Q.Bit

Or Your Teacher Is a Troll

answers bubbles multiple choice Rage Comics same test - 5069014272
By cry7794

Super Deluxe Musicology

fry Music package radio same Songs - 5046742016
See all captions By Unknown

Scumbag Steve Won't Change the Channel

channel favorite same Scumbag Steve television watching - 5020278272
See all captions By Arily_Failure_Hernando

Can't Tell if Meta or Just Oblivious

deja vu fry repost same - 4976344832
By hammerpants

Paid $80 For That, Too

haircut poker face Rage Comics same women - 4973736960
By Unknown

Reframe: The 11th Nugget Is a Lie

actually cereal guy half i lied nuggets same - 4973141760
By Unknown

It's Intellectually Disabled, You Insensitive Brat

comments same Yahoo Answer Fails - 4825979904
By Lethandhrel

We Have a Match

Dexter genius Rage Comics raisin face same TV - 5600622080
By Unknown

Success Kid: If Only They Had the Same Name, Too

birthday ex girlfriend name relationships same success kid - 4929751296
See all captions By Unknown
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