Totally Relatable Memes of the Week That Sum Up the Human Experience a Little Too Well

Totally Relatable Memes of the Week That Sum Up the Human Experience a Little Too Well

Turns out, I've never had an original experience in my life
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Funny memes that are relatable | have been telling management about problem weeks and now just like boo m/GarDealershipLife man watching a globe burn | falling asleep and body does fake falling thing squidward

Deeply Relatable Memes That Really Spoke To Us

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Funny meme where person 1 texts, "You hate so many people," and person 2 replies, "Yeah, it's not hard"
Via MetaPathos

Always On Autopilot

Tweet that reads, "Do you ever drive like a solid five minutes while thinking about something incredibly random and stupid and then you're like were any of those lights I passed green, how did I get here WTF"
Via Beautifulbeard
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So Relatable

Drakepost where the top panel represents folders with rational names like "Wedding photos" and "Summer 2019 videos" above pic of some folders with weird names like, "aaahhhwww"
Via Alphactory

Ooh, What'll It Be Today??

Tweet that reads, "I like to play this game called Nap Roulette. It's where I take a nap but don't set an alarm. Will it be a 30-minute nap? Will it be a four-hour nap? Will I wake up tomorrow? Nobody knows. But it's risky. And I like it"
Via JustARegularHorse

Makes Sense

NBC headline that reads, "Major depression is on the rise among everyone, new data shows;" someone replies below, "Well. I mean. *Gestures broadly at everything"
Via JustARegularHorse

Or Someone I Met Exactly Once

Tumblr post that reads, "I have this problem where 'the other day' for me ranges from yesterday to around five years ago; and 'a friend of mine' is literally anybody I've ever heard of whose opinions I like"
Via parrotlover2001

Fear My Intellect, Plebs

Tweet that reads, "Are you ever about to drop a sarcastic comment but then you decide against it because their small brain won't understand your elite humor"
Via parrotlover2001

It's Called Fashion Sweaty, Look It Up

Caption that reads, "Y'all ever just say 'fuck it' and ride the subway with a piece of lettuce on your head?" above a pic of a woman on a bus with lettuce on her head
Via CringeCreator

That Sure Escalated Quickly

Pic of a microwave with text that reads, "Do you ever cook something in the microwave but it's still really cold in the middle and you just keep eating it instead of heating it longer because life is pointless and entropy is unavoidable and the universe is filled with callous and casual destruction"
Via d0m558

The Urge Is TOO MUCH

Tumblr post that reads, "When all of your knuckles crack except one so you have to try and convince yourself to be a sensible human being and resist the urge to break your own finger"
Via summerbabe22
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Text that reads, "My whole childhood I thought it was illegal to turn on a light in a car while driving"
Via oenavia

It's-a Me

Tweet that reads, "My inner turmoil is knowing I'd be happy in the long run if I had a good body, but I'd also be happy right now if I had cheesy crust pizza with garlic bread"
Via Facetimewithme
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