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Informative Thread Explains Why Most Companies Don’t Like Pay Transparency

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Infuriating Thread Reveals The Difficulties Of Negotiating Pay

A minefield
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Inspiring Times Workers Stood Up to Their Terrible Bosses

When fed-up employees stick it to the man
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Boss Accidentally Admits to Grand Theft Paycheck In Email to Former Employee Requesting Owed Wages

It's insulting enough to get paid the bare minimum for a job that demands most of your time. But a company that literally steals wages from their employees ? That's just vile. When redditor u/overworked-american asked for owed wages from their former employer , they were shocked when the head of the company not only rejected their request, but justified the denial by essentially explaining that it wouldn't be fair to all the other employees the company had ripped off in the past.
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Tweet Encouraging People to Openly Discuss Salaries in the Workplace Sparks Debate

Should we discuss our salaries with our coworkers or not? What was once a workplace faux pas is becoming a common topic among colleagues, and a lot of workers have benefited from more transparency. But when @ramblings_and encouraged the workers of Twitter to discuss pay in the workplace, not everyone was on board. Most people shared stories about how they'd gotten raises after bringing up pay discrepancies to HR, but a number of people argued that it's no one's business how much money they make…
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Informative Tweet Explains How Rising Rents & Stagnant Wages Are Becoming a Crisis

Something's gotta give.
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Boss Denies Raise for Hardworking Female Employee Because 'Men Need It More'

It seems like some bosses would rather ruin the reputation of their company than throw a bone to their hardworking employees . There's no shortage of examples on every disgruntled favorite subreddit r/antiwork, but u/DLS3141 's post is something else. When everyone but OP's wife got a raise at her workplace, her boss used OP's salary as a justification, allegedly saying “you don't need it, unlike the men here.” Hello, human resources?!
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20 Posts That Explain the Collective Rage of the Underpaid & Overworked

Boomers of the mainstream media love to accuse millennials of being lazy, spoiled brats who love quitting jobs and spending all their money on Netflix and avocado toast. Boomers always told us that if we worked hard enough, a prosperous and comfortable life was more than possible—it was a promise. Well, turns out that was total bullshit. It's plain to see why, all you have to do is compare inflation and the growth in median rents to the growth in median income over time. In today's economy, "wo…
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TWitter thread about why you should talk salary with your peers, colleagues, friends, family, salary negotiation, bad jobs

Wise Thread Explains Why We Should Be Talking Salary With Our Peers

Talking pay is rarely easy in the workplace. Employers generally discourage salary talk, and looking out for your people can result in accusations of “unionizing." What they're really afraid of is learning what you're worth to them as compared to your colleagues. There are downsides to these conversations - feelings can get hurt, especially when you learn that you make a lot less than a new hire after over a year of helping the company profit. Ultimately, however, knowledge is power, and it's g…
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‘Should Flight Attendants Be Paid During Boarding?’ Question Sparks Debate in Thread

Over the weekend, travel blogger @OneMileataTime posed an interesting question on Twitter: “Should flight attendants be paid during boarding?” The implications of such a question sparked debates all over Twitter and Reddit. Many were dumbfounded by the fact that only paying flight attendants for the time they spend in the air is common practice in the United States. Should Flight Attendants Be Paid During Boarding? — Ben Schlappig (@OneMileataT…
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Recruiter Faces Backlash For Lowballing Unsuspecting Job Candidate

Bad hiring practice 101
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Algorithm Assigns Employee Very Little Work, Employee Keeps Mouth Shut for Years

Every employee's dream
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Twitter reacts to news that salt Bae Nusret Gokce pays his chefs a very low wage, London, wtf, fail

Salt Bae Called Out For Paying Chefs Shamefully Low Wages

This is just plain wrong.
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Broke Bobby, Cringey TikTok about Salaries of friends, friend group, travel, tweets, twitter, lol

TikToker Enrages the Internet With Spreadsheet That Ranks His Friends By Wealth

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Funny meme that reads, "When you enter an Adidas shop and you see your salary written on pair shoes" above a photo of a guy looking shocked
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Quit Buying So Much Avocado Toast

Funny tweet that reads, "Millennials are so SPOILED and ENTITLED; Millennials: is it rude if I ask my employer to pay me"
Via obtuserubbermoose
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