Priviet Comrade! Russian? We have all of your favorite Russian memes gifs and puns all wrapped up in a bow. Whether you're fluent in Paruski, or learned a few choice swear words from your grandma, all things Russian are here to give you a taste of the motherland.

bottles dancing russian Video - 31572481

I Think Those Bottles Have Something to Do With His Dancing Ability

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It's a Thai!

check czech double meaning finnish Hall of Fame homophone homophones literalism race racing russian tie - 5597011456
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That's Strait Up Whack!

double meaning homophone homophones lolwut russian - 5496584960
Created by NinjaKittehs24

Translate ALL! The Things

all the things english gifs languages russian translate - 5484765184
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best of week Music russian Video - 28430849

The Music Kids Are Into These Days

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Date Hot Russian Girls Ad Totally Looks Like Michelle Trachtenberg

russian - 5259761152

Russian Hot Pants

FAIL fire gifs ouch puns russian - 5202585856

Young Vladimir Putin Totally Looks Like Macaulay Culkin

actors macaulay culkin political politicians russia russian Vladimir Putin young - 5125523712


bear hilarious russian swords vodka - 4989806592
future Music russian Video wtf - 22615297

Classic: The Most Electronic

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creepy Music russian song tomatoes Video - 21687297

Want Some Tomatoes?

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acronym double meaning Hall of Fame homophone homophones kfc lenin literalism Putin russia russian stalin - 4828926208

Andrew Garfield Totally Looks Like Young Leon Trotsky

actors andrew garfield Leon Trotsky russian - 4759109120
Created by Kryptos18


girls hilarious legit russian sexy - 4741790208
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BAMF gifs Like a Boss russian shotgun win - 4703108096
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Lenin Cat: ГOГCats

animemes lenin Lenin Cat russian - 4625468416
See all captions Created by benhuh