Priviet Comrade! Russian? We have all of your favorite Russian memes gifs and puns all wrapped up in a bow. Whether you're fluent in Paruski, or learned a few choice swear words from your grandma, all things Russian are here to give you a taste of the motherland.

A Reddit story about a native russian speaker who gets rejected from a job for being "insufficient" in the language.

Russian Interviewee Gets Told Their Russian is "Insufficient" by Job Interviewer Who Couldn't Speak the Language

As someone who took at least five linguistics classes in college, you might call me a language expert. And as such, it's my duty to share a few undeniable truths about language learning that many people do not know. Did you know that if you're a native speaker of a language, congratulations, you are an expert in that language? It doesn't matter if you can't explain the exact reason for conjugations or word order. If you've spoken a language since birth, you will automatically know when somethin…
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A compilation of memes about literature for literary readers who love to read books

Literature Memes For Real Readers

As a former English major, I feel like I can easily scope out a “fake fan” of literature. I don't care to do so on a regular basis because I have a life, but put a so-called bookworm in front of me and I can scope out their vibe easily in less than a minute.
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A list of funny Duolingo sentences.

Weird Duolingo Sentences To Stimulate Your Broca's Area

Language acquisition is not known to be quickly accomplishable or straightforward. Most of us spend four years in a high school classroom fruitlessly trying to learn French, Spanish, or German, to completely forget everything we've learned in the weeks after graduating. I even took three semesters of Russian language courses in college, which may or may not have been because my favorite comedian at the time was a fluent Russian-speaking drag queen. For monolingual divas like me, foreign languag…
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Funny russian dating pics | scary man holding a stuffed teddy bear and a knife | skinny woman holding a white rose and a hatchet

27 Cringey & Bizarre Russian Dating Pics

Points for originality?
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Funny dank memes about Russia, Russian people | Corporate needs find differences between this picture and this picture An idiot They're same picture. pam from the office. Top 10 Most Powerful Anime Characters All Time

Dank Russian Memes You'll Tank Us For Later

Where the Eastern Europeans at?
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Funny memes about Eastern Europe | news report Catholic priest blesses newly opened McDonald's restaurant Polish town Naklo nad Noteci ceremony attended by deputy mayor and district administrator. Bulgaria Bulgarian history books. Bulgaria any other history book.

Twenty-Seven Eastern European Memes And Pics To Czech Out

На здоровье!
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funny relatable translated russian memes

Expertly Translated Russian Memes That Prove Humor Is Universal

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Funny European

European Memes For Those Hungary For Some Dumb Comedy

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22 Extremely WTF Russia Pics That Will Give You Strength To Fight Big Bear

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This But Up Hill And Both Ways

Caption that reads, "How your parents convinced you they got to school every day" above a pic of a guy swimming in the snow in Russia
Via WoahitsWelker
hide the pain harold memes | Person -  photographer took pictures people before and after she called them beautiful | Woman -  u lie on resume but actually have no idea do anything

14 Excellent Throwback Memes From 'Hide The Pain Harold'

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Chernobyl pics and unsettling memes

28 Unsettling Photos From Chernobyl That'll Give You Goosebumps

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2017 Manure Sculptures

2017 is Already a Pretty Crappy Year Thanks to These Massive Manure Sculptures

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Dutch Short-Tracker Dislikes Russian Opponent

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It's a Fun Game to Play

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