Ukraine postss anti-russia meme

Ukraine Posts Anti-Russia Meme Amid Tension, the Internet Gleefully Joins the Fun

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Cool interview about Stoned Fox meme, Know Your Meme, Adele, taxidermy, russia

How 'Stoned Fox' Went From Viral Meme To Russian Fugitive

Back in 2012, London-based artist and taxidermist Adele Morse received a fox that met its end in a bear trap, left to fade away into the forest floor before it was packed in a box and shipped to her door. Giving it a new take on life, Morse decided to use the fox while honing her craft but found its mangled carcass less than ideal and troublesome to work with. Nevertheless, she did come up with something, although even she admitted it was a face only a mother could love, and thus the Stoned Fox…
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fail pics | Certificate of Obedience Training dog lying down surrounded by shreds of a doggy school diploma | Man with 'DEVAST8' face tattoo says he can't find work MSN UK 2 hours ago young man with tattoo on his face reading DEVAST8' has said he is having difficulty finding work after being released prison

Disgruntled People Who Are Probably Having A Worse Day Than You

It can always get worse
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Funny russian dating pics | scary man holding a stuffed teddy bear and a knife | skinny woman holding a white rose and a hatchet

27 Cringey & Bizarre Russian Dating Pics

Points for originality?
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funny tweets, twitter, social media, weird news, current events, 2020, memes | hail the sausage king man opening coat to reveal many sausages | Mmmm Cupcakes @NotMaryJoLisa Replying to @BBCWorld This has some strong Game of Thrones meets Ferris Beuller undertones. PCR RitesGood @pcrritesgood "The most ambitious crossover event in history!

Russian Oligarch Known As 'Sausage King' Murdered With Crossbow In Sauna

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Funny dank memes about Russia, Russian people | Corporate needs find differences between this picture and this picture An idiot They're same picture. pam from the office. Top 10 Most Powerful Anime Characters All Time

Dank Russian Memes You'll Tank Us For Later

Where the Eastern Europeans at?
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Funny memes about Eastern Europe | news report Catholic priest blesses newly opened McDonald's restaurant Polish town Naklo nad Noteci ceremony attended by deputy mayor and district administrator. Bulgaria Bulgarian history books. Bulgaria any other history book.

Twenty-Seven Eastern European Memes And Pics To Czech Out

На здоровье!
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Funny memes about Eastern Europe

Thirty Eastern European Memes For Anyone Craving Pierogies

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Tale As Old As Time

random memes funny memes Memes russia donald trump Vladimir Putin parents politics - 9403437824
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funny relatable translated russian memes

Expertly Translated Russian Memes That Prove Humor Is Universal

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Funny European

European Memes For Those Hungary For Some Dumb Comedy

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Funny memes about Eastern Europe and Slavic people

Slavic Memes For Our Eastern European Friends (31 Funny Pics)

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Funny memes of Quentin Tarantino looking around apartment in Russia, Harry Potter memes, relatable memes, memes about being drunk and eating pizza, Once upon a time in hollywood.

Quentin Tarantino's Visit To Russia Has Turned Him Into A Relatable Meme

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Get It Right You GD Idiot!

Funny meme with Vladimir Putin trying to explain to his alien that he needs to take the trash to the curb every other Tuesday
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33 Cold War Memes Great For Capitalists & Communists Alike

33 Amusing Cold War Memes Great For Capitalists & Communists Alike

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Dank history memes, funny history memes, the hulk.

41 Freshly Harvested History Memes For The Scholarly Scrollers

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