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Savage Comebacks & Brutal Burns From the Insult Laureates of the Internet

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Scathing Self-Owns From Poets of Self-Deprecation

People who know how to laugh at themselves
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Rare Insults & Clever Comebacks That Deserve Recognition

Madlads who still appreciate the art of the roast
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Clueless Dude Roasted For Not Understanding How Car Leasing Works

As a non-driver I don't expect to know much about the world of driving and automobile ownership. But there are some things I inherently understand. For example, I know that not enough people employ turn signals, and way too many people employ high-beam lights. Another thing I “get” is that leasing a car means you're essentially renting it long-term. Unfortunately for one TikToker , this knowledge eluded him, and he's now getting roasted to a crisp on Twitter after sharing a video about his shoc…
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Employee Roasts His Boss on Reddit Then Gets Fired for Posting 'Confidential' Messages From His Boss

Who's the snitch?
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People Roast 'Self-Made' Millionaires Who Definitely Got Their Success Through Nepotism

All you need is ambition, work ethic...and rich parents
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Gamer’s Dumb Take on Femininity Gets Roasted With Memes

We're sad to report that there are still gamers in 2023 who are not only mad about seeing realistic depictions of female human characters in video games, but also feel inclined to tweet about their bad opinions no one asked for. Case in point, one dude called @poliwar_94 on Twitter recently announced his approval of the faceless femme robot twins from Atomic Heart and used them as an example of a good representation of femininity in video games, while expressing contempt for studios that create…
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Incredulous Dude Gets Roasted for Claiming He Doesn't Understand How People Eat Lunch at Work

It's not that complicated
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Twitter Users Dunk on Dubious 'Advice' About Finding a Rich Man to Marry

Delusion central
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uber, taxi, train, roast, new york, manhattan, philadelphia, tech, tech bro, twitter thread

Tech Bro Roasted for Complaining About Uber Trip From Manhattan to Philly

Take a train
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'If I don't feed him he literally won't eat': Woman Faces Backlash for Making Man Child Husband Nachos After He Refused Her Dinner

Let him eat air
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20+ Relatable Sibling Memes for Brothers and Sisters Who Always Mess With Each Other

Please don't tell mom
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pickup lines humor twitter sephora funny memes tweets roast funny tweets funny ulta tiktok - 20228357

Frustrated Dude Roasted For Trying to Pick Up Women at Ulta

The dating game isn't an easy one. And sometimes, not even the most populous or most specified apps can help you find the companionship (or action) that you're looking for. When Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble fail you, and you don't have any friends setting you up, it's time to resort to some more creative tactics. While that means trying speed dating or signing up for a class for some people, others have some less honest tactics. That's definitely the case for TikToker @coyesimmons_ , who went vira…
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Scientists Invent 'Liquid Trees', Get Roasted by Twitter

What was wrong with the original
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Military Bro Accuses Woman Veteran of 'Stealing Valor,' Gets Owned

Most veterans do not want to discuss the details of their military service with random strangers, even if the person asking them questions about it also happened to serve. You'd think that a fellow veteran of all people would understand and respect this unspoken rule, but apparently redditor u/ WhatKindOf__ never got the memo. He recently asked r/amitheasshole if he was in the wrong for accusing a classmate of “stealing valor” simply because she seemed too “demure” to be a veteran and didn't fe…
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millie bobby brown twitter celebrity-roasts jake-bongiovi celebrity-engagements Drake millieons shes-19 Memes engaged roast Celebrity Beef - 20095493

Drake Gets Roasted on Twitter After Millie Bobby Brown Announces Engagement to Jake Bongiovi

The "millieons" vs Drake is going down on Twitter right now.
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