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Legends Commemorate Gilbert Gottfried With Energetic Exodus Reading At Passover

Chag Sameach!
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Funny memes about Catholicism | waiter: would like drink? Jesus: water is fine Jesus: laughing Leonardo Dicaprio | Hey, this is God and watching Disney Channel @EpicChristianMemes lightning shaped like Mickey Mouse

22 Christian Memes For The Believers

Praise the Lord!
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20+ Dank Hanukkah Memes for Anyone Feeling Festive

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Cracked talks about bible verses that should not have been included in the holy book

6 Real Bible Verses We're Hoping God Gives Us A Pass On

Were you scarred by Sunday school as a kid? Did your mom make you go to confession every week in the hopes that the priest would reveal your darkest secrets? Well, we can't promise that this animated video won't give you PTSD , but we think this might be an exception. What's more cathartic than watching someone kind of call out the bible after all those obligatory readings?
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Student Finds Hatsune Miku Shrine In School Bathroom, Reveals Weird Toilet Tribute Trend

The ultimate compliment?
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Viewers Perplexed After News Broadcast Cuts To Satanic Ritual

Many of us associate TV news with a high level of seriousness and professionalism (depending on what channel you’re watching). However, as a live broadcast it is definitely not immune to gaffes, and not just when it comes to getting ahead of the autocue. Australia’s ABC News recently experienced such a mistake, when footage from a Satanic ritual — complete with a pentagram and upside down cross — was accidentally cut in with a news report about a new law being passed. The “satanic slip-up” was …
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Funny memes and reactions to ABC's premiere of Katie Thurston's season of Bachelorette, cat guy, greg grippo, sex, virgin

Katie Thurston's Bachelorette Premiere: The Best Memes, Tweets & Reactions

Here we go again.
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We Like Watching Birds

Everybody needs a hobby.
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Dank Christian Memes That'll Fill You With The Holy Spirit

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Perhaps It's Evidence Of Time Travel

Funny meme about how there's a crucifix in a nativity painting scene
Via u/AlfredoLanda
Funny tweets about god |  God are they doing down there? Angel: they are making milk almonds God gave them, like, 8 animals get milk they dont like milk God mockingly tHey DonT LiKe miLk flips table. GOD: 8 ANGEL: 9! GOD shouldn't do this drunk ANGEL: 10 lol GOD: 15 ANGEL *mouthful pizza* 25 GOD: 30 CENTIPEDE tearing up stop giving legs look stupid GOD: ONE HUNDRED LOL ANGEL: LMAO

25 Amusing Tweets In Which God Seems Like The Class Clown

God is good
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30 Jewish Memes To Get You Stoked For Hanukkah

Chag Sameach!
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Nice Try

funny leonardo dicaprio meme vampires atheism | Vampire hunter : *takes out a cross* Atheist Vampire :
Via @memebase

Oh Hey There

Funny classical art meme showing a man playing an instrument talking to a woman, saying, "Damn girl, are you a religious scripture? Because I want to constantly misinterpret you for my own benefit"
Via TransDimensionalCouncilOfRicks

Praise The Lord

Funny dank meme featuring Tuxedo Winnie the Pooh where he pronounces the word "amen"
Via KingRememberedInTime1
Funny Twitter thread about a Christian movie called "Assassin 33 AD" | Laura Robinson @LauraRbnsn There is deadly serious Christian action movie about Muslims who invent time travel so they can go back time and kill Jesus so he can't die our sins and course my husband bought because he's an actual monster.

Hilarious Twitter Thread Details A Totally Insane Christian Action Movie

This goes without saying, but WTF.
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