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15+ Rejections That Sting Like They Happened Personally

Taking an L never seemed so cringeworthy.
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Woman Reveals Boyfriend Brought His Whole Gaming Rig To Her Hospital Birth

A KO while she gets KO’d
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Obnoxious Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Interview Inspires Roasty Response

Fanfic writers are taking notes
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Charming Thread Creates Fan Fiction About The Lives Of A Blissfully Happy Stock Photo Couple

Wish that were me!!
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sweet revenge on cheating husband | Confession still married had feeling he cheating on found pack condoms his car box already opened so poked hole wrapper each one. Then preceded soak them habanero pepper juice an hour put them back car before he woke up. He told he had go help his mom with some things around her house

13 Times Salty Exes Got Sweet, Sweet Revenge

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Funny and cute memes about relationships | eyeroll kisses my neck kinkybutyholesome time sin |

Sugary-Sweet Relationship Memes For The Couples (15 Memes)

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Funny random memes and tweets

30 Relatively Stupid Sh*tposts To Help You Zone Out

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Funny meme about work, school, animals, seasonal depression, money, cats, dogs, food, stranger things, camouflage.

30+ Random Memes And Posts To Lighten Your Load

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wonder woman relationship relationships Valentines day - 1564933

Give Some Love to the Wonder(ful) Woman in Your Life Today

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Dude Takes His Bedroom Pranks to a Level No Girlfriend Can Handle

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Maybe It's a "Royal We"

cat relationship Memes dating - 8818807296
Via 9Fingers

Yep, I'm Super Gross

relationship Game of Thrones funny - 8218603264
By Unknown

Sense of Humor

relationship facebook - 8110932736
By fturppa

Sleeping With My Girlfriend...

relationship bed sharing girlfriend - 8103236608
By Bobby_Joe

He Must Be a Ninja

kick relationship ninja wtf unfortunate - 7905077248
By Unknown

No Pet Names Necessary

relationship puns honey comic animals - 7863981056
By xyzpdq1
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