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24 Clever & Relatable Twitter Gems

Twitter's got a lot of benefits. You can see what's going on in the world - and what people think about it - in real time. That can also be a downside when some people start sharing their opinions. But it's also a place where creative comedians and writers can show off their clever chops. We've put together some primo amusing and relatable examples here for you, but you can indulge in more short and sweet humor by clicking here. 

Funny tweets, twitter memes, lol, relatable memes | randy @randypaint absolutely insane armies used have drummers. like hello yes are here slaughter each other but before my boy nathaniel's gonna drop sick ass beat on yall Imao show em s done nate | Stevenson Waltien @waltien tell people planning lot travel this weekend, they tend get little angry until explain with wink all my travels will be through magic literature. Then they get furious.
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