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The Funniest Parenting Tweets Of the Week (May 5, 2022)

It's a rough week to be searching for funny parenting content . While Twitter is usually overflowing with cute quips from tired child-rearers, this week has felt a bit more somber. Instead of sharing stories about cute kids and their hilarious failures , many parents are taking to the website to address the Roe v. Wade leak that occurred earlier this week (at the same time as the Met Gala ). Fortunately, we were able to wade through the politics and locate the funny tweets we all need right now…
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Startling Video Claims Bigfoot Sighting In Michigan

Could it be?
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Already Ate The Cheeto

Funny Memes, Dank Memes, Relatable Memes, Real Life Coronavirus Covid 2020 | Food Rent Utilities Health Care $1200 Six Months Ago swat team breaking a door and cheeto used as a door lock
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Funny random memes.

28 Mind-Soothing Memes That'll Help You Relax

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Twitter Is Handing Out Some Hilarious Bad Graduation Advice

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Sorry Kids

Tweet about real life being worse than student life
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This is the Most Realistic Makeup Tutorial On the Internet

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That Friend That's Always Gotta Spam B

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Have You Tried Switching to Hulu and Tapering Off Slowly?

web comics netflix Have You Tried Switching to Hulu and Tapering Off Slowly?
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Still Passing Tho

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Cats creepy ninjas real life Video VideoIsUnrelated wtf - 13958657

Sort of Creepy...

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Good To Know Somethings Never Change

computers cuddling men money real life women wtf - 3496295680

Likeliness of Two People Who Hate Each Other to Hook Up

Bar Graph hate likely movies people real life sex - 3546886144
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If People Acted Like They Do on Twitter in Real Life

real life twitter web comics - 8224774144
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