Top Racing Random Thoughts for People Who Think A Sea

Top Racing Random Thoughts for People Who Think A Sea

Sea of random thoughts.
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A compilation of wild and crazy tweets

Horrible Tweets That Prove the Bird App Is a Mess

Twitter used to be better. At least, that’s what my nostalgia-pilled brain is telling myself when I complain about the infamous bird app. When I was a kid, Twitter felt a lot less focused on mind-numbing discourse and more about retweeting the Anti-Joke Apple every 5 minutes. Now, you feel inundated with hot takes and the most absurd opinions ever concocted by the human mind every time you log on. It’s truly exhausting. One of the most interesting things about Twitter is that it hasn’t drastica…
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color, conspiracy, conspiracy theory, weird, wtf, tiktok, stupid people, twitter thread

TikTokers Get Roasted for Claiming That Black People Used to be Green

This isn't Dr. Seuss
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r/gatekeeping, gatekeeping, gatekeepers, cringe, cringeworthy, shameful, yikes, reddit, facebook, twitter, funny tweets, rude, funny, stupid people, religion, race, depression, autism, wtf, facepalm | If white, and eat sushi with chopsticks, congratulations colonizer | Homosexual people have right be family. They are children God Pope Francis said one his sit-down interviews film. He is not true catholic. he is literally pope

Cringey Instances Of Gratuitous Gatekeeping

Dumb people who claim authority over everything
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emojis, controversy, transgender, lgbtq, lin manuel miranda, funny, twitter, funny tweets, race, representation, beans, memes, hamsa, pregnant man, social media, lol, stupid people, emojipedia

New Emojis Spark Discourse on Pregnant Men, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Beans

Apparently emojis are an extremely contentious issue
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Funny dank memes entitled, "Muscle Man Chasing Runner" | Muscles make body move Give skin, George | Muscles make body move. JOE BIDEN HIS OWN ACTIONS

'Muscle Man Chasing Runner' Memes Are Both Amusing And Nightmarish

These are creepy AF.
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You Gotta Say It Fast

Funny meme where Usain Bolt is running in a race and represents "LMNOP," followed by other runners who represent "ABCDEFGHIJK"

What The Hell YouTube

Funny meme expressing that YouTube loads its ads very quickly and the actual videos very slowly
Via KyloRenIsHot
twitter list race White house - 875013

Bill O'Reilly Put a Target On His Back After He Said Some Ridiculous White House ‘Historical Facts’ and The Internet Didn't Miss With Their Reposnse

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costume race Video t rex - 80484609

It's Risky Behavior Like This That Made the Dinosaurs Go Extinct

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The Finest in Caucasian Cuisine

name a dish white people cook better than blacks
Via Ecalevol

Not So Politically-Auto-Correct

Not So Politically-Auto-Correct
Via drewgarr
race kitten cute driving Video win - 75921921

These Formula One Race Cars Can Really Purr

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drive ostrich race run - 4515279616
See all captions Created by DIDUSEETHAT

That Guy Is a Heck of a Motivator

old guy race funny - 7736084480
Created by Julius88

You Should Get That Checked Out

scary car race bike funny - 7531713792
Created by Unknown
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