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Fed Up People Reveal What Made Them Quit Jobs On The Spot

Ah, employment. There's nothing like a dead-end job or a lousy boss to make you hate everything about your existence, and sadly, these conditions are a lot more common than they should be. We've all had to put up with things that shouldn't happen at work, but it is only a brave or at least extremely peed off few who are bold enough to quit on the spot. At least, that's what you might expect. However, an AskReddit by u/Sketch99 which questioned what made people immediately leave their jobs sugge…
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Funny ways that people quit their jobs, spicy, attitude

People Who Quit Their Jobs In Enviably Spicy Fashions

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Funny ways people quit their jobs | Follow @Jesushuh Quit my job today end 2017 and now 's time BIGGER and better things 2018. GRUBHUB Porn hub | grape @grace_higginss my mom is so extra she really did all this just quit her job cookies cakes Follow My 2 Week Notice My Work Here is Done QUIT Best Resignation

People Who Quit Their Jobs With Style And Grace

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Just Breathe

Funny work meme, lizard.
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You're On Your Own, Sinners

pope retirement quitting - 7057556480
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Philosoraptor: Why I Only Play Single Player

forever alone philosoraptor quitting rage suicide - 4902817792
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Guys Quits His Job, Leaves an Epic 'Out of Office' Message on His Account

the simpsons quitting monday thru friday g rated - 7443393024
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