Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Funny news fails

Funny & Fail-Filled Moments From Print News

Mistakes happened on paper, too.
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Covid-related couple names

Sexy Pet Names for Your Covid-Positive Bae-ohazard

Six feet apart, but still close to your heart.
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Funny posts from subreddit /r/UsernameCheckOut | if grave doesnt say "rest peace" on are automatically drafted into skeleton war The_Skeleton_Wars HELL FUCKING YEAH | jorge ivan @Lowlifee old were realized recess elementary school teachers mandatory breaks, not students? Today Years Old @TodayYearsOlds Today years old

Amusing Times The Username Perfectly Checked Out

What are the chances?
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Funny memes and tweets, puns, dad jokes, dad humor

Groanworthy Memes for Dad Humor Appreciators

They're unforgivable
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technically true, technically accurate, funny memes, memes, reddit, funny tweets, clever, puns, sarcasm, comedy, lol

Funny Things That Feel Wrong But Are Technically True

These dubious points are actually kinda valid
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Funny Memes, Stupid Memes, Punny Memes, Puns, Double Entendre, Dad Jokes, Dumb Humor | Hey guys do wanna hang out after school? Kid named out: Kid named school: Kid named guys do wanna hang out after school: Kid named guys son bitch, Im Hey. | Hey bro, where can get protein shake around here Dude, there's no whey hell.

30+ Punny Memes Full Of Innuendo

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Funny memes and jokes that are technically true.

Technically True Memes & Jokes That We Really Can't Argue With

Pretty damn accurate.
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dad memes, dads, dad jokes, corny jokes, funny memes, stupid memes, corny memes, puns, parenting, twitter memes, relatable memes

30+ Funny Dad Memes For Total Cornballs

Channel your inner dad
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puns, pun, pun memes, funny, funny memes, lol

Eye-rollingly Pun Filled Memes And Jokes

Very punny.
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funny memes, memes, middle class fancy, middle class memes, normie memes, karen, white people, dumb memes, dad jokes, funny tweets, twitter memes, puns, first world problems, funny, satire

'Middle Class Fancy' Memes For People Who Think Mayo's Too Spicy

Memes to share with the gang at Nance's potluck
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Doppelgänger, funny, memes, funny memes, celeb, hollywood, lookalikes, off brand celebrities, walmart celebrities, lol, funny pics, puns

Off-Brand Celebrities & Comically Uncanny Lookalikes

Doppelgängers caught in the wild
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48 Wacky Memes For Procrastination Purposes

Dumb content ahead
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funny memes, random memes, cat memes, animal memes, meme dump, dank memes, dumb memes, relatable memes, puns, funny, lol, memes

A Bunch of Random Memes for Stopping Boredom in Its Tracks

Welcome to the meme zone
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funny memes, random memes, puns, dank memes, dumb memes, meme dump, animal memes, spicy memes, memes, funny, lol, relatable memes, tumblr memes, twitter memes

A Heap of Dumb Memes That Deserve Some Praise

It's meme-o-clock
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bear memes, animal memes, dumb memes, stupid memes, funny memes, memes, funny, lol, puns

20+ Unbearably Dumb Bear Memes That Bare It All

Bear memes to hibernate with
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Funny puns and wordplay, lol, dank memes, stupid jokes

Dumb Memes Full of Dad-Worthy Wordplay

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