Tattoo Shop Receptionist Guesses What You Look Like Based on the Type of Ink You Have

Tattoo Shop Receptionist Guesses What You Look Like Based on the Type of Ink You Have

Are you all snakes, roses and daggers or are you all lions, compasses, and peonies? Because those are completely different personalities…
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Fascinating Concepts That Offer Perspective on How the Internet Makes Us Crazy

How is it that someone can be perfectly affable and charming in person, but an absolute nightmare of a human on social media? Why does it feel like we're all walking around in a cloud of paranoia all the time? Why is it hard to tell which information is true and which is fake these days? Psychology buff @g_s_bhogal might have some answers. In a follow-up tweet to an insightful mega-thread of 40 psychology concepts, @g_s_bhogal explained that his goal “is to help people avoid the psychological t…
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tiktokers show and explain how anxiety feels to them through viral tiktok trend

New Trend has TikTokers Explaining and Showing What Their Anxiety Feels like to Them

A full glass sitting halfway off the ledge of a table; A pot over boiling with water; The feeling of your body filling up with buzzing bees—anxiety can come in many different experiences.
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couples therapy, red flag, toxic relationships, relationships, ask reddit, therapy, couples counseling, marriage, family, advice, relationship advice, divorce, breakup, comments, toxic, psychology | threerottenbranches 2d 3 1 Award Contempt experience true contempt one relationship know is usually over. Look towards peaceful ending at point if possible. Reply 23.7k belovetoday 2d 1 Award Ah, contempt one Dr. John Gottman's 4 horsemen predictors divorce. Along with: Criticism, Stonewalling and

Couples Counselors Reveal What Toxic Relationships Look Like

Relationship problems that set off red flags
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Dubious Claim About Childhood Reading Habits Has People Raising Eyebrows

One of the benefits of getting older is that you gain some perspective on life and many of the things that have happened to you in the past. This isn’t always an easy thing to do, but it’s an important part of becoming an adult . That being said, it can be possible to take the whole process a little too seriously. Not every childhood memory is an unexplored trauma, even if some parts of social media can try to make it feel that way. This was a criticism faced by Twitter user @jeannakadlec , whe…
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Redditors Discuss The Things They Truly Don't Understand

With a few surprisingly helpful explanations
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Men Share What They're Really Thinking When Their Partners Ask Them

Sometimes it really is 'nothing'
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Funny memes about psychology, mental health | Family Guy Psychology guys always act like youre better than Global 6 reddit Physics Chemistry Biology made with mematic | Amygdala founded 1867 People 1866: man wrestling a bear

Sixteen Psychology Memes For Those Who Want To Feel Jung Again

Memes for the psych nerds!
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Nope, Never Does

Funny tweet that reads, "Sometimes as motivation I reward myself before I accomplish something. It's called a preward, and it 100% does not work"
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Interesting Imgur thread and tweets about how people have different kinds of internal monologues | do read without saying words brain. Be descriptive please can say them my head, like can read myself silently obviously but reading there are key words each sentence can see and 's can retain can straight up look at myself mirror and have full blown telepathic conversation with myself. Can not do Nooo0o If need have convo with myself mirror have out loud can't do my head Okay good night. Life is no

Fascinating Thread Explains The Different Kinds Of Inner Monologues People Have

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Funny 'are you in the right headspace' twitter meme

'Are You In The Right Headspace' Memes Parody Another Insensitive Text Template

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Funny and relatable memes about working in a psychiatric ward

Relatable Memes For Those Who've Worked In A Psychiatric Ward

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30 Funky Memes That'll Keep You Feelin' Fresh

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14 Psychology Memes That'll Give You A Bout Of Freud Rage

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Funny meme with stevie nicks about keeping visions to yourself, therapist.
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It's Terrifying!

Caption that reads, "Why can't I punch hard in my dreams" above a pic of a character from King of the Hill looking frazzled
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