PlayStation 4

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A New Uncharted Game is Coming to PlayStation 4

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This Settles It! I Need a PS4 Camera Now!

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The Best Use for the PS4 Camera

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Ruh-Roh! Reviewers Are Saying While PlayStation 4's Call of Duty: Ghosts is Native 1080p it Also Drops in Framerate and Xbox One Doesn't

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Does This Come Free With Every PS4?

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Happy PS4 Eve! It's the Final Countdown!

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Antonio Banderas Watches the Official PS4 Unboxing Video

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Francis Unboxes the PlayStation 4

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Xbox One and PS4 Resolution Differences

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Scumbag PlayStation 4

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Xbox One Vs. PlayStation 4 Graphics Comparison

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And People Said PC Gaming Was Expensive

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Call of Duty Ghosts is 720p Upscaled to 1080p on Xbox One and Native 1080p on PlayStation 4

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The PS4 Has Some Tiny Awesome Screws Inside

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Now That Driveclub Has Been Delayed

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