PlayStation 4

Buying a Launch Console is Like Getting Married

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Only on PS4

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The Best Console Wars Related Miiverse Post

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If One Console is King All Gamers Lose

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This PS4 Might Be a Cylon

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Xbox One Vs. PlayStation 4 Side by Side Comparison

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Hey, Don't Worry There's Always the PS4

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She Seems to Have a Problem Getting Started, Tho

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Everyone is Getting Sick of All the Attention the PlayStation 4 is Getting

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Console Wars Over: PornHub Promises to Fully Support the PS4

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How to Decide Which Next Gen Console is the Right One For You

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The King Has Returned

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Uh-Oh! The Red Light of Death?

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Shuhei Yoshida Does the Antonio Banderas Gif

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Watch Out, There Are Multiple Reports of PlayStation 4's Not Working

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While People Are Finally Getting Their Hands on a PlayStation 4, This Guy is Shooting One and it Looks Majestic

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