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This Adorable Couple Got Engaged In The Most Creative Way On Top Of A Mountain

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Marc Jacobs Proposed To His Boyfriend In A Chipotle In The Most Epic Way

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Funny tweets about avocado proposals, avocados, proposals, marriage, relationships, engagment.

Avocado Proposals: The Millennial Trend That Makes Us Want To Exit Earth

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Got Your Nose

Funny got your nose proposal meme.
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I Do

Funny meme of a proposal happening with memes.
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These 13 Cringeworthy Wedding Proposals Will Make You Hurt Inside

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Fiancé Proposes to His Wife, the Lifelong Zelda Fan, in the Best Way Possible

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Guy Proposes to Girlfriend Using Super Mario Bros. And He Definitely Deserves All the Gold Coins Now

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Well You Should Have Asked Her When You Had the Chance

web comics marriage proposal Well You Should Have Asked Her When You Had the Chance
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Is There Anything More Cruel Than a Valentine's Day Proposal Prank?

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This Marriage Proposal Using Legend of Zelda Will Warm Even the Hardest Gamer Heart

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Great, Now Everyone Will Want Their Marriage Proposals To Be This Well Timed

win perfectly timed disney ride engagement proposal is perfect
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When The Person You Want to Marry is a Huge Jurassic Park Fan, This is How You Propose to Them

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Will You Venture Into the Wasteland With Me?

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Blatantly Lying On Social Media Attention For Attention? Check!

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Girl Proposes to Her Boyfriend of 2 WEEKS, Surprisingly It Doesn't Go Over Very Well

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