Coincidentally, Also When I Found Religion

Pie Chart praying pregnancy - 6417027840
By Unknown

He Was Delicious. Next Question?

brother classic delicious eat pregnancy Rage Comics - 6385989376
By Unknown

Rage Comics: You Exist Outside the Classroom?

pregnancy Rage Comics raisin face truancy story - 6237068288
By Unknown

You Found That Out Pretty Quick, Eh?

call me maybe pregnancy youtube - 6235204608
By SuperAelita

Sixteen Is Way too Old to Have Kids

best of week pregnancy the internets - 6160341760
By JohanGran (Via Wheresmysammich)

I Always Wonder What He's Staring At

abortion Internet Husband pregnancy - 6095393024
By Liam_Mansfield

Looks Like Twins!

basketball me gusta pregnancy Rage Comics - 6104069120
By Unknown

I Beg To Differ

baby cliché homophone pregnancy wait weight - 5908710656
By SpikeDawg

Sean Connery Shtrikes Again

pregnancy teen mom Yahoo Answer Fails - 4490541824
By Unknown

Relationships For Dummies

best of week marriage pregnancy relationships - 5680310784
By Unknown

Rage Comics: Lesbianism Is the Best Form of Birth Control

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By itroitnyah

Philosoraptor: Two Years Since Last Accident

accident philosoraptor pregnancy work years - 5304446464
See all captions By iDrian

Bushy-Tailed Breast-Botherers

breastfeeding dream pregnancy squirrels Yahoo Answer Fails - 5295531264
By keggymoo

I Do Not Like Green Gags and Slam

dr seuss poem pregnancy Yahoo Answer Fails - 5246563328
By Elven_Muse94 (Via


Babies just-kidding-relax pregnancy - 5132398080
By YonvAyaWisGi

Wait, She Gave Birth in a Toilet?!

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By Unknown