Scumbag Steve Strikes Again

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By BloodyThumbsDown

Classic: Pregnancy FAQs

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By jc2581 (Via Facebook)

What's That Stork's Number?

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By freshbru

Nailed It

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By dcy5886

Pregnancy Test

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By Unknown

Got You for Eighteen Years

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By Unknown

"I Figured Out Where Babies Come From!"

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By Unknown

Practice What You Preach...

Reframe pregnancy bad luck brian cancer - 6766092800
By Renzantar

It's a Tumor!

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By saintly_boy

How to Start a Flame War

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By louisiana_man (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)


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By Unknown

Babies or Science?

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By kittytourettes

Pregnancy is Disgusting

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By Unknown

Teens: Now Available in Their Twenties

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By colt_gun00

You're Not Getting Your Security Deposit Back

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By PetePete

No Way!

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By Unknown