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Awkward Surrogate "Maternity" Photoshoot Gets Roasted

Sweet memories?
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A Reddit story about a woman who got shamed by her CEO for going to the emergency room for dehydration

CEO Shames Pregnant Employee For Going to the Emergency Room

Nobody wants to have a medical emergency , yet sometimes we get shamed or scolded when we do. It's common for people, especially women, to be accused of faking or exaggerating symptoms. Why? Who knows. Usually, the accusation goes that a woman in severe pain is trying to get drugs, attention, or both. It is incredibly dehumanizing to those suffering from excruciating ailments to be dismissed or told that they're making it all up. This kind of dismissal doesn't only happen within the confines of…
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A story about a crazy Karen who gets angry at a mother for explaining pregnancy to her young son

Delusional Karen Scolds Mother For Explaining Pregnancy To Her Son

Sex Education is one of those topics that some people have a challenging time breaching with their kids. My parents were never the kind of people to try to tell me some hogwash about a stork and a baby; They were not in the business of baloney. I don't remember the exact moment when I realized what sex was because it was more of a gradual conversation throughout many years and, therefore, not so shocking to me. The one thing I do remember about our most memorable birds and the bees talk is that…
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A Reddit AITA story about a pregnant maid of honor who gets banned from being photographed at her best friends wedding

Bridezilla Forbids Her Pregnant Maid of Honor From Being Photographed at Her Wedding

If there's one thing I've learned from Reddit's AITA posts, it's that it doesn't take a lot to make a lot of brides angry. The biggest taboos regarding weddings are actions that allegedly distract or take away from the bride . The two biggest wedding faux pas are wearing the wrong color dress (especially white) and getting proposed to during the reception. Now, these things, I can kind of understand. Personally, I can't imagine caring so much about a party that someone other than me getting att…
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Woman Stuns Internet With Pregnancy Reveal in Sonography Class

The shock of a lifetime
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‘I accidentally named my son Bill Clinton: Parents Reveal Why They Regret the Names They Gave Their Kids

‘I accidentally named my son Bill Clinton': Parents Reveal Why They Regret the Names They Gave Their Kids

Naming kids is actually a huge responsibility
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Twitter Users Mesmerized by Ridiculously Complex Gender Reveal

It's a performance
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Woman Gets Praised For Measured Explanation About Why She Doesn’t Want Kids

Fair enough
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German Burger King Creates Pregnancy Craving Menu, Confuses The Hell Out Of Twitter

These are delicacies
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Stories about people being charged double for an extra fetus, twins, pregnancy, insurance companies

Sobering Thread Reveals How Insurance Companies Punish Parents Who Are Expecting Twins

We all know that the healthcare system in the United States needs a lot of work. There are so many people without coverage, and the people who do have it are constantly getting screwed over by their providers. Hidden fees, expensive and unnecessary testing, and high deductibles plague people who just want to have a decent quality of life and heal that which ails them. This week, Twitter user @mrs_g_rider tweeted out a disturbing revelation about how her insurance company bills her for ultrasoun…
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Dumb People Who Have Zero Understanding Of Human Anatomy

These people should have paid attention in sex ed
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Woman Goes To Maternity Ward, Realizes She’s There With Her Ex And His Wife

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Twitter thread from @brownandbella baout the dumbest things men have said about sex and reproductive health | tweet by Varah T @VarahTs 7h Replying brownandbella and @ReignOfApril coworker genuinely thought women did all our business, including birth, out 1 hole. He his late 20s went on lunch

Women Share Dumb Things Men Have Said To Them About Sex And Women's Health

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People Raise Eyebrows At TikToker’s Trauma Sharing

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Disastrous Gender Reveal Goes Off With A Bang

Dumb and dangerous
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Gross Viral Pregnancy Reveal Proves Content Farms Are Even More Shameless Than We Imagined

For many a devastatingly conventional heterosexual couple, a pregnancy reveal can be of the happiest milestones in their relationship. If they're the influencing type, they might even find a creative way to share the news on social media and presumably pre-plan the elaborate gender reveal in a few months' time. The Insta announcement from your high school bully might be cringe inducing enough, but we've got some bad news: the prank content creators have decided to get in on the game. After bein…
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