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Just try not to laugh.
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rebels, mad lads, funny memes, memes, funny pics, funny comments, reddit, facebook, twitter, lol, pranks | Travel AIRLIVE O @airlivenet 20h AUR Two pilots are under investigation allegedly altering their flight path LIVE draw gigantic penis sky Moscow (VKO UuwW SVX USSS) Yekaterinburg Wednesday, November 11 2020 DELAYED 20m 17:50 YEKT Scheduled 1730 Wednesday, November 11 2020 13:16 MSK Scheduled 13:10 AirNav. RadarBox | VOICE ACTIVATED SAY LOUDLY PAPER TOWEL NOW 1Z0EN Had about thousand these

Agents Of Chaos Who Really Don't Give a Damn

These rebels are out of their damn minds
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Funny prank about replacing ferrero rocher with brussels sprouts | tweet by mcjude done something ingenious wind up my Dad (which is basically my favourite holiday pastime begins like this: essential Waitrose brussels sprouts FERRERO ROCHER

Daughter's Diabolical Christmas Prank is One For the Books

Got him!
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Funny fake customer service trolling on facebook | Visitor Posts Argos 8 mins FFS BEEN ON HOLD AGES CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP Like Comment Share Argos Customer Support Yes sure caps lock key is one above 'shift' and 'ctrl Hope this helps. 2 mins Like Reply More

20+ Times People Were Trolled By 'Customer Service'

We love anyone willing to troll , roast, or deceive people on the internet - as long as they steer clear of bullying. This kind of mischief is pretty much all we have in the prank zone now that so many people are cooped up inside. One of the best trolls of all time, that fake Customer Service account, was actually run by UK comedian The Amazing Troll-Man . He'd troll some pretty obnoxious people by changing their account's profile photo to whatever business the poor sucker was trying to tear ap…
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lard, tenant, landlord, renting, revenge, prank, sanitation, funny twitter

Wily Tenant Tries To Prank Landlord, Probably Ends Up Messing With Sanitation Workers

Is this a devious lick?
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Wrestling fan husband has Z100 prank call his wife after fight about purchasing Pay Per View wrestling, WWE, john Cena, angry

Wrestling Fan Has Radio Station Prank Call Wife to Hilariously Angry Results

Oooh this is good.
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googly eyes, starbucks, eyes, prank, funny, funny twitter, thread, wholesome, drive thru, lol

Starbucks Drive Thru Prank Sparks Joyful Thread On All The Best Uses Of Googly Eyes

Universal humor at its finest.
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sneak out, teenager, friends, parent, dad, amazon echo, alexa, grounded, lol, funny video, tiktok

Dad Pulls Off The Ultimate Prank After Catching Son Sneaking Out

There are few tougher roles out there than being a good parent , and that can be especially true when dealing with the troubles of adolescence. Having to pull up your kids on bad behavior can be a difficult task, but it isn’t half as bad when you can enjoy yourself with it. This was the logic used by @rhythmlessman when he realized that his son had snuck out with friends that evening. Instead of waiting up to reprimand him, he let technology do the talking for him. Rigging his Amazon Echo to tu…
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reddit, funny comments, funny, social media, askreddit, funny threads | Time freezes 48 hours and only thing not affected do choose do? Brassknuckletime 3h Crime Reply 314 OneSchott 1h So much crime. 153 Canduffi 1h So so much crime 29 KillerChicken506 1h so so so much crime 18 MemeLocationMan 1h So So So So much crime 10 TrippyAT 1h So so so so so much crime

People Confess To What They'd Do With 48 Hours Of Frozen Time

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I am complaining about the Spaghetti hack and Nacho hack influencers, Prego, tweets, twitter, nachos, facebook, wasteful, trending

Please Stop Falling For Engagement-Baiting Influencer 'Food Hacks'

We are begging you
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Funny prank gifs, memes, and tweets | Stop government tracking car: Remove RFID chip factory by snipping off this tube. car wheels | lauralot89 Hey everyone, so know organizations like UNICEF and whatnot allow buy kind gifts where donate mosquito nets or something person's name? Well lot those organizations will let donate vaccines, as turns out. Like, right now on UNICEF's site, providing 100 polio vaccines kids need is 19 USD. And not saying should buy and then send card an anti- vax relative

Savage Prank Ideas & GIFS For Practical Jokers

Got 'em!
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april fools, jokes, funny tweets, twitter memes, april fools memes, funny memes, twitter, lies, pranks

Twitter Cracks Pre-April Fools Jokes Before The Big Day Of Trickery

It's fool or get fooled
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Funny meme about paper towel dispenser prank.
Via @memebase
Funny april fools pranks.

18 Great April Fools Pranks From All Over The Internet

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shoes, payless, playing tricks

Cheap Shoe Store Tricks Famous People Into Spending Insane Amounts Of Money

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Funny gaslighting pranks and subtle ways to mess with peoples heads.

18 Slick And Subtle Ways To Mess With Peoples Heads

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