poor people


Tweet that reads, "Money will not fix all your problems;" someone comments below, "B*tch no offense but money would solve literally every single one of my problems. Like all of them. I don't have a single problem that money wouldn't immediately solve"
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Keep Close Kids

Caption that reads, "'Mommy why does that man have wires on his Airpods?' 'Come on kids, this neighborhood isn't safe'" above a pic of a fish family from Spongebob walking and wearing Airpods
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I Ain't Got No Money

Caption that reads, "When your friend asks if you're gonna get them a gift for Christmas" above a pic of someone putting a bow on a chihuahua with text overlay that reads, "I am the gift"
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I Can't Fail At This Rate

Tweet that reads, "No-money November is going absolutely fantastic so far"
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Gotta Impress The Guests

Caption that reads, "When you broke but want to make the house look nice" above a pic of a china cabinet with paper plates and red solo cups inside


Caption that reads, "'How broke are you?' Me: ..." above a pic of a plate of rice shaped like a chicken drumstick next to some ketchup
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Tweet that reads, "I have 1,000 Mars Bars in my fridge and my mate has one in his his. I pressured him into giving his to a homeless person. This is how celebrity charity appeals work"
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Caption that reads, "'Would you like to donate $1 to help the poor?' Me: 'Lol there is a 90% chance this card is gonna get declined. I am the poor'" above a stock photo of a cashier taking a card from a customer
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So Grateful

Caption that reads, "I am so humble. I'm not bragging but I just wanna thank God I went from living paycheck to paycheck to saving up enough money to purchase a data plan that allowed me to download this picture"
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The Daily Pep Talk

Caption that reads, "Just because you have money in your account doesn't mean you can spend it" above a pic of a guy giving himself a pep talk in the mirror
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I'm Scared Of Cute Little Puppies

Tweet that reads, "You attract what you fear;" someone replies, "Omg I'm so scared of $10 billion"
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A Delicious Meal

Caption reads, "Friend: How broke are you? Me:" above a pic of plain white rice in a pan next to a smartphone with a picture of meat
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Wow, So Charitable!

Tweet that reads, "Inspiring! This CEO saw one of his employees digging through the dumpster for food, so he bought her a headlamp to make it easier to sift through the garbage"
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Hot Take!

Tweet that reads, "The Chainsmokers make music for people who say 'adulting is hard' and then their parents buy them a house"
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All Your Fault, Ya Dumb Millennial

Tweet that reads, "Let's play a game of Millennial Monopoly. The rules are simple, you start with no money, you can't afford anything, the board is on fire for some reason and everything is your fault"
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Let's Be Real, I Can't Even Afford That

"I love when people say, 'quit your job and just travel.' Taking an Uber from the bar to my house is about all the traveling I can afford"
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