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Redditors Discuss the Unrealistic Expectation of Earning $100k+

Everybody hates inflation
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Funniest Broke Memes for Paupers Who Want to Eat the Rich

The only M's in my bank account are "mistakes"
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A Pile of Money Memes for Those Crying into Their Overdraft

A rich man's world
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Funny reactions to the gift bag at the 2022 oscars, celebrities, rich people, money, lol, wtf, finances, privelege

Want to Feel Poor? Check Out This Years' Oscars Nominees' Gift Bags

Yet another reminder that we are chopped liver.
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Sobering Thread Reminds Us That Being Poor Is Damn Expensive

The costs mount up
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Funny memes about being broke, money | Spongebob Mr. Krabs flinging myself on rich person collect insurance money: | thought had $1 bank account but check and have $2.55 FB BABYYOR im rich Baby Yoda in sunglasses

15 Sadly Relatable Memes For Broke People

Sucks to be broke.
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The Struggle Is Real

Funny meme that reads, "You've never been broke if you haven't had to do this" above a stock photo of a guy trying to buy something with his credit card and change
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At This Point They're Just Trolling

Funny Twitter meme that reads, "The wealthier you are, the more confusing your sink is" above a photo of a strange-looking sink
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Can't Even Be That Much...

Funny dank meme that reads, "The government thinking a one time check of $1,200 is enough" above a still of Lucille Bluth saying, "How much could rent cost? Ten dollars?"
Via TheBloodyLady

That'd Be Nice

Funny meme that reads, "Wanna be rich enough so I can hold my laptop like this" above a photo of Ben Affleck holding his laptop in a strange way

It's Hopeless

Funny meme about someone not having any sort of retirement plan | kids children playground with a slide leading straight into a hole in the ground
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Funny memes about communism | man in tiger costume scaring a cat memes about Communism co-worker just added as friend on Facebook | Stalin as Mii Wii player and console

Fourteen Communist Memes For The Hardworking Proletariat

Not me, us.
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rich snobby people memes | king Squidward on a throne people w/ unlimited data scrolling past wifi checking memes like | The Kardashians Imagine being so rich doing average people things is like mini vacation poor people's land MasiPopal Woo subway!

15 Snobby Rich People Memes That All You Poors Just Won't Understand

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Funny tweets from Twitter account "Average Life Goals"

'Average Life Goals' That Any Average Millennial Can Aspire To

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Funny memes entitled, "Boss Makes a Dollar, I Make a Dime"

Fourteen 'Boss Makes A Dollar' Memes Great For Sticking It To The Man

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Funny memes about traveling

Travel Memes Perfect For Those Stuck At The Airport

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