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'I call that the torpedo': Frisky wife has an 11/10 summer when her hubby ranks her pool activities, proving that you never grow out of pool-time silliness (VIDEO)

When I say 'let's hang out at the pool', this is what I mean
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30+ Sizzling Hot Memes to Celebrate Summer

Hot n' ready
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Voluptuous Diet Memes for Thicc Folks Failing to Achieve Their Summer Body in Time for Pool Days

I blame genetics
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Article about Remote Workers Facing Criticism For Working By Pool And Allegedly Having Useless Jobs

Remote Employees Spark Controversy For Working at the Pool

Working from home can be a blessing. You spend less time commuting and more time with your loved ones. However, people who work outside a typical office are sometimes accused of wasting time and lying about their productivity, which is exactly what happened in this viral TikTok.
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Funny Twitter reactions to Martha Stewart posting a sexy pool photo on Instagram | One Wearisome Colored @TreJames_ Martha Stewart posing like water is second wettest thing her pool. | Noah Koch @KnowAKoch don't have access pool so here's on my toilet @MarthaStewart >

Martha Stewart Posts A Thirst Trap Pic On Instagram, Internet Reacts

Well this was unexpected.
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Funny dank memes entitled, "Mother Ignoring Kid Drowning" | Reopening Florida COVID-19 cases @memebase 130,000 US deaths | @memebase Billionaires and corporations getting huge tax breaks government Millions Americans who can't pay their rent during lockdown

Mother Ignoring Her Kid Makes For The Perfect Distracted Meme

Negligent parenting at its finest
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Funny dank memes entitled, "Fitness is My Passion" chubby child lounging outside a pool at a vacation resort and his smirking face superimposed into the same photo |  cut cake half, thus making half calories, so can eat twice as much. FITNESS IS MY PASSION Steps So far taking more steps than normally do. Average 8 steps Today 10 steps Fitness is my passion

Sixteen Sarcastic Memes For Those With A 'Passion' For Fitness

Memes for the sedentary.
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Funny memes, summer memes, beach body, working out, winter weight.

24 Hot Summer Memes For Every Kind Of Beach Body

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This Bad Boy Can Fit So Many F*cking Car Salesmen In It

"Slaps Roof of Car" meme where the car salesman and the customer are in a kiddie pool, with text that reads, "*splash splash* haha"
Via rannek

We All Knew This Kid

Caption that reads, "That one loser who has to hold his nose when he jumps in the pool" above a stock photo of a kid holding his nose while jumping in the pool
Via SirBobert

Help Me

Funny mem eabout when you see a leaf in the pool and are scared.
Via highfiveexpert

So Brave

Funny meme comparing person "fishing" in a pool to the television show the deadliest catch.
Via funnieronline

You're Doing It Wrong

Funny meme about skipping the game tutorial, someone is trying to play pool but instead of a cue ball it's an air hockey striker.
Via lutal08

Get the Black One in First

Man using chalk on cue meme - when people pretend like they know what they are doing.
Via Dank Memes Gang

Scheduling Conflicts, You Knpw

wtf pool - 8997430016
Via onlytwitterpics

They Don't Even Bother Putting a Sign Up

pool bathroom image - 8989041408
Via dutchster
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