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'GOP, all glammed up': Artist uses AI to turn Republican politicians into drag queens

Ron DeSantis (aka Rhonda Santy) wearing a feather boa is giving
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4 Superhero Mangas Too Kinky For American Audiences

Superhero manga is too kinky, too crazy, too off-the-wall for anybody except Japan, and CanonBall.
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Bernie Sanders Accidentally Becomes a Meme (Again) After Waltzing Through Someone's TikTok Video

Bernie Sanders Accidentally Becomes a Meme (Again) After Waltzing Through Someone's Cringey TikTok Video

He really is the most relatable politician
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A compilation of tweets about a head of lettuce out lasting the Prime Minister tenure of Liz Truss.

Funniest Tweets About a Head of Lettuce Outlasting Liz Truss as Prime Minister

It's been a wild couple of months in the UK, to say the least. British people got a new Prime Minister, they lost a queen, they got a new king, they did a bunch of mourning, and finally, the brand spanking new 47-year-old Prime Minister resigned in disgrace, all in a period of under 50 days. There's only one way that this situation could get even crazier…but for the sake of fans of the royal family, I will refrain from speaking it out loud. The resignation of Liz Truss did not come as a huge sh…
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Crazed & Crackpot Moments From U.S. Politics

The greatest nation on earth
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Can't Even Be That Much...

Funny dank meme that reads, "The government thinking a one time check of $1,200 is enough" above a still of Lucille Bluth saying, "How much could rent cost? Ten dollars?"
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Funny dank memes depicting Nancy Pelosi ripping up a piece of paper | nancy pelosi during trump's state of the union speech reading a piece of paper then ripping it in half. Numerous scientific studies have shown no link vaccines and autism Anti-Vax Moms Anti-Vax Moms @whitepeoplehumor can't complain about being lonely valentines day if don't even try speak people around

'Nancy Pelosi Ripping Paper' Proves The Political Memes Aren't Going Anywhere

This meme has been everywhere lately!
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Louder For The People In The Back

Tweet that reads, "I say this to Beto fans, Trump fans, all fans of politicians: it is un-American, ridiculous, and dangerous to be a fan of a politician. They aren't pop stars. Support them if you agree with their policies. Criticize them when they go wrong. They are servants, not celebrities."
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10 Times Irish President Michael D. Higgins Proved He's The Most Adorable Politician

10 Times Irish President Michael D. Higgins Proved He's An Adorable Human

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It Will Be YUGE

Caption that reads, "Swedish TV accidentally puts subtitles from a kid's show over a political debate, and it's brilliant" above a pic of a politician on TV saying, "I will build the best sand castle in the galaxy"
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Now We Just Need to Put Babies Up for Re-Election...

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Careful: It's Full of S**t!

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Angela Merkel Totally Looks Like Y U NO Guy

Germany meme meme faces political politicians Y U No Guy - 5240652032
Created by Snake73

Benjamin Button Totally Looks Like Donald Rumsfeld

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Dear Brian Williams...


An Interesting Campaign Platform

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