John Locke Totally Looks Like Marty Friedman

curly hair john locke long hair megadeath metal Music musicians philosopher philosophy political - 5207609344
By thelittleman66

Pauly D Totally Looks Like Kim Jong Il

dictator guido jersey shore Kim Jong-Il pauly d political politicians reality tv sunglasses - 5227121664
By dontpanik

Joe Biden Totally Looks Like This Headlight

car political politics teeth vice president - 5210466816
By chelseafletcher86

John McCain Totally Looks Like Photographer Jim Moore

artist john mccain political politics - 5200404992
By ajoelewis

President Ahmadinejad Totally Looks Like President Obama

barack obama meme meme faces political politics - 5198723328
By mitchells2003

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Totally Looks Like Scarecrow

Governor political politics wizard of oz - 5198454272
By sage1954

Michele Bachmann Totally Looks Like Marilyn Manson

marilyn manson Michele Bachmann musicians political politician - 5166172672
By adeanak

John McCain Totally Looks Like Fire Marshall Bill

comedy jim carrey john mccain political politician - 5145254144
By thager1

Rainn Wilson Totally Looks Like Newt Gingrich in the 60s

actor actors glasses newt gingrich political politician rainn wilson republican - 5145494272
By dudebuchanan

Michele Bachmann Totally Looks Like The Bride of Frankenstein

Michele Bachmann political politician - 5148784384
By fastfood

George Washington Totally Looks Like Martha Washington

george washington political president - 5127953920
By Unknown

Dilma Roussef (Brazilian President) Totally Looks Like An Ewok

ewok Hall of Fame political politician star wars - 5130345216
By renan.vasconcelos (Via

Young Vladimir Putin Totally Looks Like Macaulay Culkin

actors macaulay culkin political politicians russia russian Vladimir Putin young - 5125523712
By Unknown

TLL Classics: Kofi Annan Totally Looks Like Morgan Freeman

actors classics Morgan Freeman political - 5126993408
By Unknown

Marcus Bachmann Totally Looks Like Jackie Stallone

bad makeup jackie stallone political - 5117573632
By fastfood

John Dickinson Totally Looks Like Lieutenant Commander Data

data political politicians Star Trek TNG - 5091802624
By luigiman42595