Those Trees Stopped Being Lazy

Pic of Paul Ryan pointing at a screen that reads, "Telephone poles are trees that got a job"
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Do Ittt

Tumblr caption that reads, "Voter registration" where there are checkboxes below that read, "Democratic party," "Republican party" and "Mario party;" someone comments below "Don't forget to register to vote!"
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Spam Text Convo About Voting Turns Into Hilarious Trolling

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How Precious!

Pic of Kanye West meeting with Donald Trump, above a fake pic of a drawing of Kanye and Trump
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Inauguration Day: A Bad Lip Reading

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funny men's march trolling

Patton Oswalt and Piers Morgan Plan a 'Men's March' and Things Get Absolutely and Hilariously Savage

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Angela Merkel Totally Looks Like Y U NO Guy

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AKA A Great Way to Lose Friends

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Audience Laughs At Michelle Bachmann

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He's Got My Vote

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Groups as Seen by Other Political Groups

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But You is Curvy and I Like 'em Curvy!

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Pundit Kitchen: Who Made What in 2010

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The High Price of Materialism

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Confidence in Ability to Be President Is the First Disqualification

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Uhhh, Rick Perry's, uhhh, agencies of government, uhhhh

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