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Crazed & Crackpot Moments From U.S. Politics

The greatest nation on earth
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Funny meme that reads, "Bill Clinton hiding in the Bushes is the best thing I've seen in a while" above a photo of Bill Clinton poking his head out between two statues of George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush
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'Accidental Renaissance' photos taken from Reddit | donald trump white house dinner with multiple boxes of fast food spread across the table

Seventeen Instances Of Glorious Accidental Renaissance

Pure works of art.
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Ah Frick

Illustration of someone stepping on a snake with caption underneath that reads, "I specifically requested the opposite of this"
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The Horror

Funny meme mixing Guy Fieri hair with Ted Cruz's face, calling him the zodiac griller.
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Whatever Fits the Narrative

political pictures - 9006905600
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Bo with the knowledge

Memes political pictures - 9006077952
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And the Lady Never Opened Snapchat Again...

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The Simpsons Saw This Coming

the simpsons political pictures image - 8989253888
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donald trump john oliver political pictures Video politics - 83470593

John Oliver Is Here to Confess and Admit That Yes, He Is the One Responsible for Donald Trump

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Oh No

image politics dab Oh No
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The Choice Is Yours, What Are You Waiting For?

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jared leto green coat photoshop

Jared Leto Wore a Bold, Green Coat to the Suicide Squad Premiere So Some Jokers on the Internet Photoshopped Him

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donald trump pac man political pictures Video politics - 81862145

Trump's Latest Political Campaign Ad Takes a Shot at Hillary Clinton through Mocking Her as 'Ms Pac Man'

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Trump and Clinton Missin' the Mark on What Matters Most Right Now...

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Well, Pistachios are Delicious

image poll politics Well, Pistachios are Delicious
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