15 Silly Plant Memes For The Aspiring Botanists

15 Silly Plant Memes For The Aspiring Botanists

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Job Opportunity Available, Calling All Vegans

Caption that reads, "Why waste money on lawnmowers when you can use vegans" above a pic of a guy holding another guy while he eats grass
Via Twistdmonkey

Hopefully We're Not The Only Ones Who Do This...

Caption that reads, "Me: *Walks past nice bush;* Brain: Take some leaves; Me: Why? Brain: You gotta" above a pic of some bushes
Via CodyBurkett

Totally Numb

Tweet that reads, "Twitter trolls don't faze me because I was once brutally dragged in a houseplant forum for over-watering my fiddle leaf fig tree and I haven't felt anything since"
Via originblue

Take That, Vegans

Funny meme about carnivorous plants and vegans.
Via BabyloninRatas

There You Go

Facebook post asking someone to name their plant; someone names it George, and OP replies, "I guess I got what I asked for"
Via KrullTheWarrior

Make It Stop

Comic that says that country music makes plants grow faster, shows the plant trying to turn the music off
Via NoEffort4points


Photo of a plant with a sign that says it thrives on neglect.
Via MohAki1

Plants vs Kids

plants kids parenting - 8970126592
Via onsizzle

A Horrifically Enlightening Look Into the Artistic Process

Via piecomic

The Unexplainable Destructive Capacity of a Zombie Army Is Too Real

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Please Enjoy This Gratuitous Gif of a Plant Spreading Its Seed

gif aggressive plant seed spreading
Via Smithsonian Channel

Should Have Checked the Settings

web comics plants Should Have Checked the Settings
Via robbieandbobby

Innocent little kitty

plants pets Cats - 8581259008
Created by Unknown

Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

Via Cheer Up Emo Kid

Witness That Planty Goodness!

plants - 7165840640
Created by Unknown