Pie Chart

It's Like a Giant Candy Cane!

frozen Pie Chart stuck tongue winter - 4288302848
By bunnyborg

Reaction of Americans on me saying "I'm from Austria"

australia country Pie Chart - 3435320064
By BloodyBBQ

hungry nom Pie Chart snack - 3849550336
By jimtombob

Not Even Middle Schoolers Like Middle School

best of week middle school Pie Chart teaching truancy story - 5850890240
By Unknown

Click Here! You Just Won a Free Virus!

annoying blame computer parents Pie Chart problems - 4697490944
By Unknown

Re-Plotted: Is It Even Possible to Be a Hipster Anymore?

hipster mainstream Pie Chart stereotypes - 4993683200
By switchboard7

computer Pie Chart - 4079790080
By Unknown

Maybe It'll Just Appear

food fridge hungry Pie Chart - 4767754752
By kay8680

I Think I'll Just Go Back to Bed

bed morning sleeping Pie Chart waking up - 5340900096
By Unknown

No Cure for the Common Cancer

cancer cold google Pie Chart webmd - 4494490368
By Unknown

Don't Mind Me, I'm Just An Everyday Skier

Pie Chart ski masks skiing - 5618914560
By Unknown

Reasons I switch on as many lights as possible when getting a glass of water at night

dark fear monster Pie Chart - 3788648192
By brandynigma

Things Youtube videos are recorded with

cameras internets Pie Chart potato youtube - 6523347712
By Unknown

Poor Man's Timer

alarm cooking fire Pie Chart timer - 4326816256
By ├ůsum

Thoughts When A Car Alarm Goes Off

annoying car car alarm Pie Chart - 2713421312
By Unknown

Yeah, Totally!

annoying i lied Pie Chart - 4896803840
By Unknown