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Pie chart showing how people spend time at parties, revealing that most of the time is spent wanting to leave.
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Something Something Story Mode

video game memes street fighter v pie chart
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My Experience so Far

Pie Chart - 8592087296
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People that should have to register as sex offenders

moms Pie Chart sex twilight - 3031252224
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See Also: Martinis from Waitresses

breakfast brownies cake chocolate Pie Chart - 4245271808
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And I Thought I Was the Only One

arguments showers Pie Chart - 7093324544
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What People Say To Me When They Hear My Irish Accent

accents irish Pie Chart potato what people say when - 6413377280
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Location of Taco Contents

contents dogs floor food Pie Chart plate shell stomach taco - 3183783424
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Replotted: Don't Act Like You're So Special, Voldemort

Harry Potter Pie Chart story villain voldemort - 5447180288
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Song Content on Kidz Bop

content kids Music pain Pie Chart sexual Songs - 2450326784
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The Use of the Name Einstein

discovery channel history channel idiot names physics Pie Chart usage - 2669428480
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Can't Stop Cracking

Pie Chart sorry - 4713840896
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Visiting Old High School Friends

friends gossip Pie Chart - 6930644224
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My Day at Work

job work Pie Chart - 6875045376
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Non Capisco Italiano

comments english italian Pie Chart youtube - 4444912896
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But I Know Smoke on the Water!

guitar Pie Chart - 4516856832
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