android hilarious picard smartphones Star Trek - 6453613568
By Unknown

What Are You Doing Here?

gifs Star Trek picard mirrors wtf - 8560311552
By tamaleknight

Picard is Excite

picard gifs Star Trek - 8385357824
By Unknown

When The Future Goes From Bad To Worse

face palm hilarious picard Star Trek - 2928492544
By Unknown

An Added Bonus

picard gifs cars reactions 50 cent funny - 7862727424
By ToolBee

I Was Expecting a Different Captain's Log Pun

picard gif pun Star Trek - 7706606080
By Unknown

Picard's Infinite Facepalm

infinite picard gifs Star Trek funny - 7515129088
By anthropocene

He Did Not Say He Was a Musician

picard facepalm instruments funny - 7462534656
By bobahoff

Darth Vader You Must Be Drunk

picard star wars facepalm Star Trek darth vader - 7349352448
By heyman

Not Even 2 Picard Facepalms?

picard facepalm idiots - 7128279296
By Unknown

Lay Off The Beans, Number One!

picard gifs Riker beans Star Trek - 7055521536
By jc2581

Monkey Sees, Monkey Does

picard orangutan - 7003026176
By ninjaa3

Captain, Call Me Maybe

picard carly rae jepsen phone call me maybe - 6985647360
By CallmePicard

My Picard is Ready

picard wtf gifs Star Trek smile - 6981035264
Via Tusken Raiders of The Lost Ark

Written and Directed by Jonathan King

sheep zombie apocalypse grass picard - 6677689088
By Unknown

Fandom Base: You Sure It Wasn't a Police Box?

Star Trek picard - 6631549440
By Unknown
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