Cringey wedding photos from russia raw chicken.

21 Demented Wedding Photos That'll Leave You With A Lot Of Questions

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meme about parents contacting you because they are worried that you are depressed.
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Photoshop trolling from JAmes Fridman.

15 Brilliant Photoshop Trolls From The Masterful James Fridman

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Funny random memes designed to bust up boredom and fomo

24 Funny Memes That'll Erase Your Boredom

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Funny meme, ham, can't find a better ham, obvious plant.
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cursed angry cat is now a meme

These Angry 'Cursed Cat' Memes Are Dank And Full Of Rage

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Funny photoshop trolls James Fridman.

27 Troll-y Times James Fridman Proved He's The Photoshop Master

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That Works...?

Someone sends James Fridman a photo asking if he will make his head look like it's actually attached to his body; Fridman replies with the kid's head photoshopped coming out of his arm
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Finally, Cereal For College Students

Funny meme, adderall cereal.
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This Isn't Right

Caption that reads, "Someone's out there photoshopping smiles on Eminem and I can't unsee it" above pics of Eminem photoshopped to be smiling
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Vegans Love Them

Funny meme about hummus flavored condoms.
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Funny honest movie posters.

Honest Movie Posters Are Back In Time For Oscars Season

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Funny meme about a boy who turns himself as a girl on photoshop to pretend he has a girlfriend.
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russia twitter FAIL donald trump photoshop Lawyers epic fail funny politics 6h2h7q49 - 7510277

Manafort's Lawyers' Epic Fail Is Driving Twitter Wild

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Funny Coachella poster parodies.

These Coachella Poster Parodies Are Better Than The Real Thing

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Cannot Unsee

Funny meme about a photoshop mixing the Hulk and the Mask.
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